It was December 2015 when news broke that four out of the five members of American metalcore giants Emmure had departed the group, leaving controversial, and often misunderstood frontman Frankie Palmeri without a band to continue the journey of one of the strongest names in the metalcore scene.

A mere three months later, and Palmeri hit back with news of a whole new lineup and announced plans for the recording of their seventh full-length album, Look At Yourself (purchase/save it here), which was finally released on Sharptone Records back in 2017. The record has gone on to be one of the most successful albums the band has released to date.

With a renewed vigor and enthusiasm, I caught up with Palmeri backstage before their show at London’s O2 Islington Academy to find out how the past two years have been and what we can expect next from the Emmure camp.

You’ve just got back from a few live shows in South East Asia. How was that?
Frankie Palmeri: Asia was a blast! We got to go to some unique and different places which we haven’t been to before, and it was an all around good experience. The people there were very cool.

Regarding the much-documented exit of the previous lineup of the band back in 2015, when you found yourself on your own, did you ever feel like it was the end of Emmure?
Palmeri: I’ve always felt really driven and when the cards are stacked against me I feel even more driven. I like that feeling of having to get over that roadblock and having a mountain to climb. I saw it as a challenge, I was blessed to be connected to the people I knew and the friends that I had made by doing this for so long, and so when everyone exited the band back in 2015, I was like, let’s see what I can do about this. I made a couple of phone calls and here we are. I always had faith in my tastes and what I wanted to create. I knew if I could get with the right people I could make it happen.

Check out the first single taken from Look At Yourself, “Flag Of The Beast.”

Your album with that new lineup, Look At Yourself, has been out now for two years. How has that time been for you?
Palmeri: It’s amazing. I think it’s the best piece of music I’ve ever been a part of honestly, and even creatively it’s the coolest thing I’ve done, so I’m really proud of it. The fact I’m doing it not only to be proud of, but to hear people say that this really is above and beyond anything we’ve done is the best feeling, especially for something we’ve put so much time into, so I’m happy about it.

Are you thinking yet about album number eight?
Palmeri: Yeah, I’m always conjuring up in my head what the next attack plan is because obviously with this last record people were really happy with it and so the next step I want it to be a continuation of that. I want people to enjoy what the next chapter of the band is, and expand on what we’ve already done, which I guess is moderately successful. Whatever I can do to keep that ball rolling but we are at the very early stages of that. There’s shreds of things hanging around with ideas that I’ve had in my head.

Me and Josh (Travis) have hung out once or twice, talked about it and written some music together. It comes together in pieces, we also spend a lot of time on the road so it’s like, now that we are about to finish this European tour we’ll probably put the brakes on everything and get down to doing the work and get the album done.

Do you have any insight as to what this album will sound like?
Palmeri: Whenever me and Josh sit down and decide to get material together it happens really fast, it just comes down to what in my head I imagine the next thing to be, and what Josh has to bring to the table as well. It’s a mixture of both. My mindset is to always make something that is heartfelt, has some sincerity, and something that is interesting for the fans. I don’t want it to come across stale, contrived or insincere. That’s really my focus. Just create whatever is most true to me, and whatever is most true to me is what the fans want and that they appreciate.

Emmure’s latest record, Look At Yourself, was released on March 3rd, 2017, via SharpTone Records.

You have your own Podcast aptly titled “The Frankie Palmeri Podcast.” How did that come about?
Palmeri: Last year I noticed that all I was doing was listening to podcasts! I wasn’t listening to music, I wasn’t playing games, I was just listening to podcasts and doing stuff around my apartment, but I was enjoying it so much I thought maybe I should do it as well, and so I just started doing it through my own fandom of it, and just trying it out like anything else I’m a fan of and took a stab at it. It’s just to give fans or people that give a shit about anything I say or do a little extra. Also, my mindset is that the way media is now and the way people take in things, the more content you’re creating the better career you’re going to have. If I can create more and it costs me nothing but my time then why not! If people like it, it’s cool! Visit the Podcast here.

I know that you started a record label last year Redzone Records. How’s that going?
Palmeri: Yeah great. There’s a band that I’m announcing on the 19th of this month (April) who we’ve signed. There’s going to be a video launch and then their album will be out next month. They are probably the best thing I’ve brought out so far. Everything that I do though is a slow build, I’m not really in a rush to conquer the world! I just want to be able to put out artists that I think are worth listening to. Who knows how few or far between that is, but I feel good about these guys. Visit Redzone Records here.

**Post Interview: Redzone Records announced the signing of five-piece Detroit, Michigan band Loser and debuted a video for their single “Dance On My Grave,” which you can view here.

You hinted on one of your podcast episodes about the possible return of your Cold Soul Clothing Label. Is that definitely happening?
Palmeri: Yeah, people have been asking about that! I have a bunch of different people doing design work for me so I’m just waiting on them to come to the gate, but it’s funny because I wish I had a whip for every single person I’m taking too, but I can only focus on so much at once! People that want that, can definitely expect it soon.

Later this year marks the tenth anniversary of your album Felony. Would you consider any exclusive shows around that?
Palmeri: I don’t know? I’m not really down with commemorations. I would like to maybe play one or two extra songs in a set. We haven’t played that album in a while but if people are into it? I just try to create the most high energy and best production we can do live, so we try and appease everyone. I think Felony is a cool album, there’s some cool songs on there but I think production value on it is a little lacking, so I would say people shouldn’t hold there breath for any sort of anniversary tour, it probably won’t happen.

Check out the video for the hot single “Ice Man Confessions.”