Brook Davis are an NYC-based pop-punk duo that recently formed from the high school friendship of guitarist/vocalist Moses Charles and drummer Calvin Gaynor. The group dropped their debut EP, Serious Damage, April 19th; a six-track offering recorded in the Spotify Studios – and streaming on Spotify right here – with producer Jack Mason, and featuring the singles “I Can’t Keep This Up Anymore” and “Zoey (Somewhere in Your Backseat).” In celebration of the slick, melodic offerings of their debut EP, Moses joins us for a track-by-track breakdown of the EP.

01. “I Can’t Keep This Up Anymore”
– For me, I think this song might be the most out of place one on the EP. That super State Champs-esque intro, with the fast punk beat verses doesn’t really make a lot of sense with the rest of the songs as a whole, but I still love it. Kind of funny we chose to release this song first. Looking at some of the demos we have right now for our next release, and I really don’t think we’re going to be dropping anything like this again. At least not in the immediate future.

“I Just Can’t Keep This Up Anymore” is a great title for an opening song.

2. “Darling”
– Before we even launched the band’s socials and were only showing rough cuts to our friends, this was always the favorite. Especially friends who aren’t into this type of music at all. It’s a sick song but I don’t really get it. Might be the most “intricate” song we have on here, guitar-wise, at least in the verses. I came into the studio with the original riff and our producer, Jack, thought it’d be cool to make it a little more Transit-sounding. We added the second riff on top of it and…the rest is history.

03. “Love Bender”
– The song that nearly didn’t make it. Kind of like “ICKTUA,” it seemed a little out of place sonically (if that’s a word). It actually sounded really dark. By the time me and our producer got it done, it honestly became one of our favorites (it’s my personal favorite). It was the last song I did vocals for and it clearly shows, but I could not care less. I’ve always loved a punk song with really, and I mean REALLY shitty vocals. Something about it is just super raw and visceral. I don’t know. When we start playing shows, I have zero clue how I’m going to pull this off live.

The Serious Damage album is out now via Red Room Records.

04. “Inseparable”
– This song is cute as shit. Maybe the cutest song I’ll ever write. It’s honestly just me doing my best NeverShoutNever impression. I even considered us recording on the ukulele, but that probably would have been taking it way too far. It’s still dope though. Did I mention those are real strings on there? None of that keyboard shit.

05. “Zoey (Somewhere in Your Backseat)”
– I’m pretty sure that when I was recording the demo for this in my room, I was snapchatting this girl named Zoe. I was so close to finishing the song but just didn’t have a girl’s name to use. Her name fit. So here we are. Also, moral of the story is that sometimes the sidechick… isn’t always a chick.

06. “Favorite Mistake”
– Arguably the most honest, and the most emo song on the album. Very Dashboard Confessional and The Early November. It’s sick.

“Zoey (Somewhere in Your Backseat)”; dude’s gotta get his Patagonia fleece back.


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