There’s just something in that Dylan blood, isn’t there? You’d have to live under a rock if you’ve never heard of folk/music legend Bob Dylan and, now, following in the massive footsteps of his grandfather, is the highly talented folker, Pablo Dylan. Strangely, the younger Dylan, the son of Bob’s oldest son Jesse, tried his hand at rap when he was in his mid-teens. While the story hit the internet about seven years ago, and although Pablo has left his rapping days behind him, he has still pursued a career in music, now as a folk/acoustic rock artist, much like his grandfather.

Inevitably, if you listen to Pablo’s recently-released EP, The Finest Somersault, you’ll hear the similarities and inspirations that stem from his legendary grandfather and comparisons between the two will likely pop into your head. Pablo has accepted that reality and forged on in trying to create his own legacy, no matter how small or large that may end up being. With the recent release of The Finest Somersault we caught up with Pablo Dylan for an exclusive track-by-track breakdown of each song on his well-received new EP.

Check out Dylan’s music video for the title track to The Finest Somersault.

01. “Eye of the Storm”
– This song is about the divisions in our country; how everybody wants to kill each other at any given moment. It wasn’t like this just a couple of years ago, but as extremism rose all of us did too and I thought it something worth touching on.

02. “One Too Many Nights”
– This song is about a woman I once knew, not too long ago, but not recently either. It’s about having spent just one too many nights with that person and how it all becomes a blur.

03. “The Finest Somersault”
– This song is about people’s obsession nowadays with wealth and false idol worship on social media. I wanted to take aim at these current aspects of our society. I thought the best way to do that was to show how out of touch these subjects are with the lives of the American populace.

04. “When We’re All Free”
– I play a lot all over the country and talk to a lot of different people. This song is a sort of amalgamation of a couple of different stories I heard. Justice is scaled depending on who you are and what position you’re in, and I find it incredibly antithetical to the ideas we champion as a nation.

Pablo Dylan’s The Finest Somersault EP dropped on February 8th, 2018.

05. “Bells”
– “Bells” is about all the stuff that is always going on around us. This madness becomes rationalized after a while just like the monotonous sound of bells ringing.

06. “Don’t Wait For Me”
– This song was written after having spent some time in certain parts of the country that were once bastions of the “American Dream.” As things changed and companies left these communities, the people that built theses empires through their hard work were left to die by there former employers and the rest of the nation, to which they had given so much.

07. “I Think of You”
– I’ve met so many strong Americans that have braced the winds of change with such strength, and this song is about what we hold on to, to endure such animosity.

08. “Undone”
– I wrote “Undone” about a girl I used to know that I haven’t seen in a while. It’s about how through time people change, but some things don’t. The song is about trying to reconcile the two.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

05/01 – City Winery – New York City, New York
05/22 – The Siren – Morro Bay, California
05/30 – Catalyst – Santa Cruz, California

Dylan also shot a music video for the standout track “Bells.” Check it out below!


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