If you’re going to do a local gig as part of your UK tour then why not pick the biggest, grandest place you can think of? Well, that’s exactly what singer songwriter Benjamin Francis Leftwich did when his current UK tour came to his home town of York where, with the help of his brother and a couple of thousand of his closest family, friends and fans, he took over York Minster for the night.

A glorious setting for this gig, halfway through the set, the singer jokes to the masses gathered that they’re a lot more civilised than at his recent show in Dublin where things were a little rowdier. He’s right though, this is a very civilised occasion perfectly suiting the gentle nature of his music. Softly spoken, the songwriter’s entrance and subsequent performance isn’t anywhere near as dramatic or grand as his surroundings and with nothing of a “show” to talk of, this was really left to the music.

Situated at one end of this packed out Minster, the gentle, almost soothing tones of Benjamin’s music fills the air, with the only other sound being that of the applause he receives after each song and, despite occasions where it all became too quiet when he stepped away from the microphone to sing, it’s hard to deny that this unique hometown gig was a massive success for someone who is still hugely proud of his roots in the city.

Imagine hearing songs like this in the stunning surroundings of a cathedral.

Benjamin’s new album Gratitude is out now and you can pick up your copy from his online store.


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