You can’t deny that the punk community in Leeds are currently getting their fill of the classics with these boards being graced by Belfast legends Stiff Little Fingers a few weeks ago followed by the return of The Stranglers who were only here at this very stage just over twelve months ago.

Having been performing for forty years now, the band have amassed themselves a fair few hits and a very loyal and vocal fanbase who pile into the Academy with the sole intention of bouncing themselves around, pints in hand, to some of their favourite punk rock anthems. The band themselves are only to happy to oblige by battering through a set that, like the band, is full of songs that have put in some mileage around the circuit but sound none the less relevant for having done so. Songs like “(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)”, “Uptown” and “Man On The Moon” all jostle their way into a twenty-odd song set that, as expected, gets this crowd jumping.

In a few months time, the band will be returning to Leeds to support the legendary Alice Cooper and we reckon that when the band hit the stage at some ungodly arena hour, there will be a fair few well-lubricated punk rockers packed around the stage to make sure their return is as rowdy as this one was.

Here’s an awesome clip of the band performing “No More Heroes” on Top of the Pops back in 1977:


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