We hope you’re ready for an intense start to your Thursday morning!? We are treating you to the exclusive premiere of Athaza, the debut album from South Africa musician Chris Prophet. The record is dedicated to Prophet’s friend who unexpectedly passed away in 2016 with every track on the record representing certain emotions the artist felt over the course of the nine years that some of these songs were written.

Athaza, which you may pre-order via Bandcamp here, is a little unusual for your typical recording since, even though some songs took years to complete, others were written in a matter of days. The important factor tying them all together, though, is the particular struggle they symbolize that Prophet had to cope with in both his personal and professional life.

Athaza is a perfect illustration of the talents of Prophet, both as a songwriter and a musician, as he took care of most of the recording himself. With an exclusive comment on the album, Prophet stated, “A huge shout-out to PureGrainAudio and all of its loyal followers for this opportunity. I hope you guys enjoy listening to this album as much as I did recording it. ‘Athaza’ is very sentimental to me so an exclusive opportunity like this to share this album with you guys is a huge honour for me.”

Got asthma? Maybe don’t listen to Athaza without your inhaler.

Athaza Track Listing:

01. Horizon
02. Drifting Away
03. Ascension
04. Star Gaze
05. Cold
06. Pharaoh
07. Beyond Blue
08. Sandstorm
09. Devil’s Playground


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