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Slovakian Post-Hardcore Group LANDLESS Discuss Their Signing to Famined Records, New ‘Moonflower’ EP, and “Blooming Mind” Video

Slovakian melodic post-hardcore quintet, landless are proud to announce their signing to Famined Records. We conducted an exclusive interview with the band about that, their new EP Moonflower, and new video for “Blooming Mind.”



Okay, so we got some big news for you first thing on this wonderful, early spring, Friday morning. Melodic post-hardcore quintet landless are announcing that they have signed with Famined Records for the release of their upcoming EP, Moonflower (pre-order from the label here). The record is due out on May 24th and if that’s not enough for awesomeness for you fans, well, the band has also released their new music video for the EP’s lead single “Blooming Mind!”

To learn more about the new single and Moonflower, we conducted an email interview with the guys to discuss their signing to Famined, the new EP, “Blooming Mind”, not to mention some political/social discussion.

Hailing from Slovakia, landless came onto the scene in 2015 with the release of Bluemist. In that time, they have made their way around Central Europe and found fans through their impressive set of musical skills and emotive, post-hardcore sound. The group hits you relentlessly with their skillful combination of intricate riffs and searing breakdowns. The foursome have found success through acting as an opening band for some very well-known hardcore groups, such as Emmure, Kingdom of Giants and Betraying The Martyr.

Yo, yo, yo! Check the brand new music video for “Blooming Mind!”

First off, congrats on your signing with Famined Records. What brought you and the label together, and what would you say most impressed you about the label initially?
landless: Thank you very much! Almost immediately we realized how sincere and professional the communication was and how much research and interest they had shown in the band. Secondly, we knew the track record that Famined Records has with getting smaller bands on the map and to where they want to be.


Melodic post-hardcore is arguably a very over-saturated genre with countless copy-cat bands vying for attention. What do you do to differentiate yourself from the pack?
landless: Overall, we try not to fall into any modern-day trends. Everybody who plays an instrument knows what it feels like to either compose music based on what/how you feel or just because you have nothing else to do. I think it’s important to mention that, musically, the whole band has different interests and that in itself brings a natural uniqueness and variety to our sound.

Beer or hockey? What’s more important to your average Slovakian?
landless: This is a hard one. To answer politely, both have equal value for Slovak people, there’s no question about it. On the other hand, if you want us to be specific, we’d go with hockey for sure. Taking into consideration the number of citizens in the country we have quite a list of successful people in the sport. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of Zdeno Chára!

The Moonflower EP is due out on May 24th, 2019, via Famined Records.

Help us understand the meaning or idea behind the band’s name, landless.
landless: The very first idea we had was to have something “poetic.” Something people can easily remember. It also connects and points out to the difference between materialism and other important things we have in our life.

Similarly, your new single “Blooming Mind” also has a fantastic title. May you elaborate on the song’s theme?
landless: “Blooming Mind” is about finding a balance in your life. Lyrically, the track is about not becoming a selfish person and learning how to control your ego.


You’re new EP Moonflower drops on May 24th, what are you most excited about for the upcoming release?
landless: In a comparison with (previous EP) Bluemist, Moonflower is musically on another level. It only shows how far we’ve come. We used a bunch of new methods and principles as well. A mix of energetic riffs, diversified melodic vocals and emotional moments is what defines the EP Moonflower.

The group hails from Slovakia, a country more known for the movie Hostel than for hardcore music. What’s the heavy scene like there?
landless: It’s a bit sad that the movie turned out to be as bad as one would think. It doesn’t show what a beautiful country and nature we have over here. Most people do not even realize what they miss on a daily basis. People from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary or even from Ukraine come over for the weekend on a regular basis to go hiking to High Tatras (most stunning and most beautiful mountains you can find in Central Europe, not kidding and that’s just one from the hundreds of examples we could present). We’re not even mentioning castles, historical monuments, etc. Regarding the heavy scene, as you call it, it seems to be better now then it was a couple of years ago. New bands try to make a name for themselves or to take music seriously enough.

Check out the first video landless ever shot for the song “Wellspring.”

On January 1st, 1993, Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. What’s the current sentiment between the two countries?
landless: You always see some kind of rivalry going on but that’s natural and you cannot avoid having that. We are still close enough though. What helps a lot as well is having the same language (almost). We can fully understand each other, no matter the generation. Although many people say they’d like to move out to the Czech Republic for a better life, every one of them will come home one day. That love for Slovakia… we just have it inside, no matter what.

Any cool (and friendly) rivalries between hardcore bands from either country?
landless: We have a pretty good relationship with Czech bands. For example, Skywalker, who are on an awesome trajectory to have a breakthrough in Europe and we couldn’t be happier for them.


Now that you’ve signed with Famined Records and have the new EP coming, when will the touring commence?
landless: If there’s anything we’re really looking forward to, it’s definitely touring. We’ll finally get a chance to present new stuff live, merch, etc. Of course, the goal is to have as much fun as we humanly can and to share the music with as many people as possible.

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