Midwestern, U.S. modern hard rock band Seven Past Sunset seemed to have been fed up with life’s daily struggles and decided to pen their song “Overwhelmed”, for which we’re today debuting the music video. Available to purchase now through iTunes, the events that take place in the “Overwhelmed” music video are symbolic of a toxic relationship between the male and female characters featured therein.

Both have gotten themselves in too deep within this relationship and it’s making life, in general, feel more like a backward chase than a frontward pursuit. It’s intended to be a relatable track that is essentially based on the daily struggles that couples tend to face when they are a part of a failing relationship. Commenting on the song, singer Dustin Hites said, “A relatable song based on the daily struggles a couple faces inside of a failing relationship. They are trapped in a partnership that feels as though it is killing them internally, but are too afraid, or too comfortable to leave!” It’s a situation that most of us have been in at one time or another which helps make the song very easy on the ears.

Seven Past Sunset only got their start a couple of years ago when Hites was working on developing a solo career at the time. He was playing at various venues around Ohio when a friend of guitarist Johnny Krill happened to be attending one of the shows and upon seeing Hites perform, the friend phoned Krill and had him listen to the performance over the phone. About one week later, Hites and Krill met and very quickly decided to collaborate which led to some writing and recording very soon after. The band later was rounded out by bassist Jeremy Rober and drummer Scottie Vining. If you’re a fan of Shinedown or Pop Evil then you’re bound to love Seven Past Sunset’s similar modern rock vibe and sound. 2019 looks to be a big year for the group and one in which they hope to become a household name alongside the two aforementioned bands.

Here’s a special behind-the-scenes shot of the band during the filming of the “Overwhelmed” video.

For touring info, keep your eyes peeled to https://sevenpastsunset.com/tour, otherwise see below for upcoming gigs.

Show Dates:

04/05 – Lombardo’s Cafe – Lima, OH
04/12 – Mulligan’s – Lima, OH
05/16 – Frankies Inner City with Madame Mayham – Toledo, OH
06/01 – The Clamdigger – Monroe, MI
06/08 – St Gerard’s Festival – Lima, OH
06/25 – Civic Music Hall with HInder – Toledo, OH
08/24 – The Clamdigger – Monroe, MI


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