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Winnipeg, MB punk rockers, Nice Cops are new quartet that just dropped its debut album, the self-titled Nice Cops record, on February 14th, 2019, via Little Cowboy Records. The nine-track offering was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jordan Voth and puts on displays the band’s penchant for local prairie punk.

Featuring vocalist and guitarist Alex Guidry, guitarist Sean Kaye, bassist Matty Guidry, and drummer Sebastian Cox, the DIY Winnipeg punkers are also in other Manitoban groups the likes of Elder Abuse, Boys’ Club and Ceilings. With their dope album available to purchase and stream via Bandcamp here, we couldn’t say no when asked to offer a free, high-quality MP3 download of the single “Birds of a Feather”.

And, speaking of the aforementioned single, this is what the guys had to say about their track: “‘Birds of a Feather’ is about the challenges about opening up about mental struggles to the people who are closest to you. Specifically in this case, my 2 brothers. 1 of which plays in Nice Cops as well. I think with family, it’s insanely difficult to share when you’re down, or just feeling fucked up because you want to seem like you have it figured out I guess. Entering this second stage of adulthood, or whatever you wanna call it, real life happens and as it turns out, real life can suck. We’ve really started to lean on each other for support, which is pretty new to guys who internalized nearly everything for 20+ years.”

Dig what ya hear? Check out the rest of Nice Cops here.


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