Dead Superstar may have a name that sounds pretty negative in tone, but it’s not all doom and gloom with our exclusive premiere of their latest song “On The Ledge.” This is the first single from the hard rock group’s latest album, I Did It For The Rock Gods, due out on April 18th. With its hard-driving, guitar-driven sound, “On The Ledge” is an intense piece of music with melodic tones and an important message. The track dives deeply into themes of abandonment and self-preservation about which vocalist Terence Keith, commented: “Written to remind yourselves in life you need space to breathe. Life is too short for self-abuse. You’re not alone—carry on!”

Written and produced by Keith, “On The Ledge” was mixed by Seether’s Corey Lowery. Dead Superstar was formed in 2005 by Keith (Perseverance) with the band rounded out by Mike Bohm, Chad Willems, Charlie O’Neil and Craig Matalon. Never ones to shy away from controversial topics, Dead Superstar is a group that has something to say, always.

I Did It For The Rock Gods is the follow-up to their debut Tribulations which was produced by Joey Z of Life of Agony. They have previously shared the stage with the likes of hard rock icons Kings X and Drowning Pool. Needless to say, Dead Superstar have a lot more to say in the future!

Take a walk “On the Ledge” and stream this rocker of a tune!

I Did It For The Rock Gods Track Listing:

01. Pompeii Come Burning Down
02. Beware of the Knife
03. Medicine
04. Searching for the Sun
05. Bitches with Guns
06. Scorn
07. You Make Me sick
08. Blood-Moon
09. Significant Other
10. Regrets
11. Papa was a Rolling stone
12. On The Ledge
13. Comes around
14. Nevermore

Also be sure to check out the band’s music video for “Beware of the Knife.”


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