You can generally tell from the choice of producer a band makes for their work, what they’re going to sound like. West London post-hardcore band High Rise are no different to this rule having chosen Oz Craggs to twiddle the knobs on their forthcoming EP Endeavours. Having worked with the likes of Feed The Rhino, Neck Deep and Mallory Knox, it’s obvious that this is a man who is used to working with bands at the top of this genre so, hopefully, some of that magic will have rubbed off on Endeavours (add it on Spotify here).

Wind the clock forward about twenty minutes to the closing moments of Endeavours and it’s hard to fault this EP. Other than sounding like their influences (unsurprisingly, Neck Deep, Feed The Rhino, While She Sleeps, etc.), High Rise have turned in a solid effort. “My Solitude, Your Hope” is as good a reference point for the material, full-throttle riffing, clean vocals, harsh vocals and hooks that sink right in. Yes, you’ll have heard it all before but there is a certain organic feel to the material that makes it feel more honest and heartfelt.

Inspired by the harder side of life, the EP has some great tracks like the thunderous “The Fight” while “Haunting Me” sees the group sign off this effort by rolling together all of the individual components of their sound into one last bruising finale.

Endeavours Track Listing:

01. My Solitude, Your Hope
02. The Fight
03. Ghosts In My Mind
04. Endeavours
05. Haunting Me

Run Time: 20:38
Release Date: March 29, 2019
Record Label: Self-Financed

Hot off the presses, here’s “Endeavours”, High Rise’s new music video.

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