The Gallery are turning heads and pricking ears. The Wakefield crew have crafted their own blend of alternative rock peppered with post-punk nihilism and a slew of razor-sharp hooks. The raucous young upstarts have just released their blistering new single, “Pesticide”, out now via Animal Farm. To gain a greater insight into their sound, we asked the guys to list five tracks that have profoundly shaped them.

Check the video for The Gallery’s new single, “Pesticide”, here.

01. Joy Division – “Digital”
– We love how instantaneously this song sucks you in with the bassline. Especially how this becomes starkly contrasted by Curtis’ doom-inducing lyrics about isolation and having no control. We can only imagine how dangerous this song would be to see live.

02. The Cribs – “City of Bugs”
– “City of Bugs”’ intro, with bass ladened feedback describes The Cribs uncaring ethos and this song seems to explode into something very special. This song for us features some of the best guitar riffs we have heard and creates harrowing atmospheric images of the Berlin Wall.

03. Radiohead – “Talk Show Host”
– A criminally underrated track to us is “Talk Show Host” by Radiohead. Personally, to me, the ambience of the drums and reverb heavy guitar is extremely influential into the way I write. The way the guitar is always playing in treble around it’s mid range and the bass setting the low end foundation is perfect combination and a very unique finished product.

04. Smashing Pumpkins – “Silverfuck”
– From a drumming standpoint, Jimmy Chamberlin’s tom grooves in this song “Silverfuck” always stood out and demonstrated how the drums can also be played as an instrument to carry a riff and not just keep time. The production on the snare also is very cutting and prominent in the mix and just steals the entire song.

05. Wolf Alice – “You’re A Germ”
– “You’re A Germ” brings a a blueprint guide of how to write a “quiet verse loud chorus song” on steroids. We were very influenced on how Ellie could go from acoustic guitar and angelic sounding vocals in the verse straight into inaudible screaming and ferocious guitar in the chorus. This seems like the absolute extreme contrast to us.


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