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Once known as Filthy Weasels, Greenville, SC-based Bound Society is a DIY punk rock quartet this is quickly picking up speed within their local scene. With some new singles delivered in 2018 (check them out on Bandcamp right here) and plans for more this year, we thought it would be great to introduce listeners to these guys’ sound with a free download of the the single “Prophecy”.

With continued gigs supporting 2016’s Ryan Lara-recorded self-titled EP and new music in the works, Bound Society are ramping up to issue their debut full-length, Consume Fake News, in Spring 2019. More goodies are coming and, until then, you get to enjoy a high-quality MP3 of “Prophecy”. Speaking of the single, the band noted:

“‘Prophecy’ is a song about this trend where people tend to get worked up over gloom and doom predictions that don’t actually happen. While anxiety can help you protect yourself, it can also be used by others to manipulate you. And that’s the real prophecy–there are people out there that know how to change public opinion for profit. And these folks follow the same patterns. Seeing only one side of a popular opinion because you’re too scared to look at all angles isn’t discovering the truth. It’s actually burying your head in the sand further. In this way, it’s ALL been prophesied. They just use different words.”

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