Back home in the States, Nashville-based YouTube sensation Megan Davies‘s diary is filled with red-carpet appearances and opportunities to perform for superstars like Hugh Jackman and Zac Effron whereas tonight, she’s kicking off her UK tour at the Deaf Institute in Manchester to barely a hundred or so people and she looks like she’s loving every minute of it.

Check out “Gimme” to see why the world loves alt-pop sensation Megan Davies:

Having discovered English traditions like tea and biscuits, Davies takes to the stage admitting that she has been taken aback by the unsually warm weather that has hit the UK in February, a time more associated with gloom and rain. Thankfully though, Davies has come armed with a stack of gentle, breezy, alt-pop tunes that, given the strange weather conditions, provide the perfect soundtrack to this evening.

With a set that mixes up her own gentle alt-pop material with the YouTube mash-ups that made her a sensation back home, Davies has a wonderful voice, a personality to match and, in her songs, a bag load of material that will soon have the UK falling in love with her like the rest of the world has.

We’re sure you’ll want to see what the fuss is about, so pick up a copy of Megan’s Bad Poetry EP which is out now and available through her official website.


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