One thing we love here is a good old dose of metallic hardcore and Portuguese outfit Push! deliver that in spades on their third brutal offering, Dark Dive. Sure, it’s no game-changer but, when it comes to crushing neck-snappers, Dark Dive is a beast.

Pulling together all the elements that make up a good metallic hardcore album, Dark Dive ticks all the boxes. Angry vocals, chuggy guitars and plenty of mosh – you could say this album has it all. What that means is that, right from opener “Free At Last”, a track we premiered recently right here on PureGrainAudio, you know exactly what you’re going to get with this album.

Hints of Sick of it All, Hatebreed, Suicidal Tendencies and Slayer, listen to the likes of “Cuffed To Yourself” and “Denial And Envy” and it’s all there and delivered with one hell of a punch. The beauty of this album is that, while Push! are certainly not averse to mixing it up a bit, they also know exactly where their strengths lie and, throughout the course of this album, they most definitely play to them.

The problem with albums like this is that, unless you’re a fan of the genre, there isn’t much on here that is likely to float your boat. Push! are a band who swim in a very big pool of other bands who sound very similar to this but, thankfully, they punch and mosh hard enough to make sure that for a brief amount of time they’ll have your attention.

Here, “With Love”, is the kind of metallic mosh you’ll find on Dark Dive.

Dark Dive Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. Free At Last
03. Denial And Envy
04. Dark Dive
05. Pitfall Trap
06. Left With Memories
07. With Love
08. Cuffed To Yourself
09. Ground Floor
10. I Kept Silent
11. Procrastinate

Run Time: 28:47
Release Date: February 8, 2019
Record Label: Self-Released


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