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Montreal’s WILD MERCURY Unleash Some Garage Rock Romance with Their “Dealer” Music Video [Exclusive Premiere]

The women that comprise Montreal’s garage rock group, Wild Mercury are all fired up to debut the music video for their single, “Dealer”. Check out premiere and get stoked for the weekend!



We are very happy to bring you the exclusive premiere of the video for “Dealer,” the latest output from the ladies in Montreal garage rock group, Wild Mercury. If, like us, you love what you’re hearing, you can purchase the track via Bandcamp right here. Now for a brief history…

When they got started, guitarist Anne Lauzière, drummer Gabrièle Côté-LeBreux and bassist Marie-Pier Lavallée originally set out to start a folk group with warm vocal harmonies. So, how did this garage rock thing get kicked-off, you ask? Well, they surrounded themselves with instruments in a dark basement made for jamming and found themselves caught by the urge to just rock out! So, there you have it; Wild Mercury was essentially born in 2017 and they quickly became a staple of the Montreal bar scene, a perfect fit for their sarcastic, angry, euphoric, sometimes pop, sometimes soul and folk, but always rockin’ sound!

And the “Dealer” wins! Yep, the house has won again. Check this tune…

Speaking of the single, Marie-Pier Lavallée left us with this lovely overview:

“The lyrics and the melody came during a bicycle ride which was haunted by the image of a good-looking dealer. We felt that the hypothetical romance between a woman and her drug dealer would be an interesting canvas to explore dependence with its creative and dramatic manners, not only by pointing out its self-destructive tendency. It’s a sarcastic story that we play in a soulful manner. We enjoyed every part of the recording session that took place last spring. Studio gives you the opportunity to play every sounds (and beyond) you always hear inside of you, every time you are performing the song.

All the percussions, finger snapping, copper pipes hitting, utensil drawer rattling, guitars crying and sharp harmonies hollering really emphasis the Soul/RnB vibe of the song. Add all of this to Marie-Pier’s super powerful vocal performance, we feel very confident about the result. ‘Dealer’ is a picture portraying a woman with a fury to find the greatest path to loosen up. Like her, we may be over thirty and have serious life schedule and serious jobs, but we sometime lose seriousness with the sounds of Rock.”

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