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Album Review

Millencolin – “SOS” [Album Review]

Millencolin deliver an enjoyable, but sadly underwhelming, album in SOS (Epitaph Records). It’s punk rock through and through, but beyond that, not much else.



Having formed in 1992, in Örebro, Sweden, Millencolin have maintained a continuous line-up since drummer Fredrik Larzon turned the 3-piece into the 4-piece we have today. It is quite a feat for a band to keep an original line-up for 26 years yet, now, with their 9th album, SOS, Millencolin demonstrate that they are still growing as a group whilst maintaining the punk rock sound that gained them a dedicated following of fans.

Starting out in familiar territory, the opening title track has all the elements for a fun punk rock record: melodic riffs, simple bass lines, and heavy-hitting drums provide a perfect platform for Nikola Sarcevic’s angsty-style vocals. Sadly, this description can be applied to all the songs here; they all have that standard “punk rock” sound, there is no experimentation in either dynamics or even acoustic renditions. This also makes it difficult to pick out any stand-outs because they’re all so similar – though there’s at least some comfort that they are all enjoyable.

This lack of experimentation is nothing new from Millencolin – from recording to recording, the Swedes have pretty much kept the same formula, even down to the gang chants. This raises both positives and negatives for SOS; while the whole album brings very little to the table that has not been heard before, it is a tried-and-true style that is pleasing to the ear. The minimalistic nature of punk bands of this ilk demonstrates that you don’t need to get technical to deliver enjoyable songs, but at this point some fans might want more than the same old. Although SOS is underwhelming, in no way can it be said that it’s bad, it’s just sort of meh.

The band are sending out an “SOS” with the album’s lead single.

SOS Track Listing:

01. SOS
02. For Yesterday
03. Nothing
04. Sour Days
05. Yanny & Laurel
06. Reach You
07. Do You Want War
08. Trumpets & Poutine
09. Let it Be
10. Dramatic Planet
11. Caveman’s Land
12. Carry On

Run Time: 35:14
Record Label: Epitaph Records
Release Date: February 15, 2019