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Capturing our hearts with her new EP, Asunder, MARGO (Katherine Kloepper) is an emerging indie artist that should be at the top of your radar. Take a peek at her Instagram and you will quickly see that MARGO is unapologetically herself – and her music is no exception. With the help of Producer, Chris Jacobie [Penny & Sparrow], MARGO created a debut EP that awakens a dynamic songwriter vulnerably sharing her heart and emotions through a cathartic set of songs that inspires questions to be asked and hearts to feel understood.
Talk of the town is that you just released your debut EP, Asunder.  What was this experience like as a new artist?
This experience was absolutely surreal. Looking back, it is kind of crazy how all of it came together. I literally never would have imagined this happening, at least not for a really long time. Most of my life I had stage fright and could barely sing in front of my dogs and now here I am releasing some of the most vulnerable music I have ever written. I thought that I would maybe release music a few years after college if the opportunity came. But here we are with the opportunity having come way sooner than expected. 
What inspired the songs on Asunder?
The theme of this EP is the idea of being in pieces. Each song I wrote on this EP was written in a place of being almost completely at the end of myself. Though each were written amidst different circumstances, they are all a pouring out of all that was left inside of me to process what was going on in my head and my heart. And the completion of each one was more healing than words could really describe. 
What is your favorite song on the EP and why?
It is hard to choose a favorite on the EP because each song reverberates in a unique way inside of me. However, “Grave Song” is the one that rings in my heart the most. I really wrestle with anxiety. There is a battle between anxiety and reality in my body and soul almost every day, which is what the song is about. “Grave Song” has kind of become my anthem in a way to daily choose to breathe, put my fear to the grave, and rest in what I know to be true amidst my mental struggle. 
How did you get started creating music?
Like I said before, it started with me being at the end of myself. I have always really had a hard time communicating what I was thinking and feeling through my words to people. Communicating well and feeling understood by people was a foreign concept to me. So I started processing and communicating with myself through writing songs and singing. Music was an outlet for me to be utterly honest about who I was and where I was as a human. It then began to form as my own way of communicating my honesty with other people as well.  
What is your process for writing lyrics? Where does the inspiration come from?
I always laugh when people ask me this question because half the time I don’t even know. They just kind of explode out of me. Almost all of my songs have been written in one sitting where I just sat down and wrote everything I was feeling down all at once. The only explanation I really have for where my inspiration comes from is God. I know I wouldn’t really have a reason to sing without him. Usually the process goes like this: 1. I feel a lot of things for about three weeks without writing about it. 2. I reach a point where I cannot hold it in any longer. 3. Then I write a poem/song lyrics about whatever my circumstance may be. 4. I fiddle around with an instrument until I find a tune that communicates musically what the words say. The only rule I have when I write lyrics is to be completely honest with no holding back. I eliminate any desire to people please and just say exactly what I am thinking even if it might piss people off, you know? 
If you could collaborate with any artist (dead or alive) who would you collaborate with and why?
There is no question in my mind that I would want to collaborate with Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver). His writing style is so diverse, he is a creative genius, and his music communicates so much freedom in creativity and boldness. I think we could create some funky fresh tunes together. 
What do you have planned for your music the rest of the year?
The rest of the year I plan on hopefully recording a full-length album and I have a tour plan in the works! 

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