We’d like to introduce you today to London, England singer-songwriter Jaz Mattu who has just released his new video for current single “Photo Cache.” Raised in Kent, Mattu is a prolific songwriter who regularly gigs at various venues around Kent and London. He recorded his latest record Sanguine Man which was produced at DW Studios and released last January and is still out there pushing the record hard. The album is a blend of many different genres with Mattu drawing from rock, funk, jazz, pop, and electro. “Photo Cache” has attracted radio attention across the UK and beyond and it follows the release of “Gosh You Can Talk.”

Commenting on “Photo Cache,” Mattu said, “‘Photo Cache’ is a song about the Faustian pact that artists and musicians have to make with social media. How you part take in this world and it slowly chips away at you.”

You can hear more of Jaz Mattu right here.