Athens, Georgia indie rockers DEEP STATE have returned, sounding better than ever, with their new thirteen-track full-length, The Path to Fast Oblivion. The album, which is available on most major streaming services, plus available to purchase via Bandcamp, sees the quartet continue their trend of mixing “jangly college garage rock sounds with a bleak, sometimes vaguely political lyricism, both with a sense of urgency.”

Well, today, celebrating the rad recording’s release, we’re stoked to share this exclusive op-ed style guest blog wherein the guys poke fun, talk politics, and reaffirm the message that, whatever you may thing, it counts to vote!

When “Under The Gun” this band seems to do some of their best work.

Deep State Get Deep and State What Oblivion Means:

– Do we fixate on words? Do they cause us to act? Have we looked into words? Oblivion means something to me. What’s inside the word matters more. The flesh.

OBLIVION /əˈblivēən/
1. -the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening.
-the state of being forgotten, especially by the public.

Current times are easy to sum up. The above word may twist a nerve in light of recent circumstances. It may shut out all the confusing context with a resounding thud. Unaware. Current times are hard to pin down. The above word opens doors. It may lead us to wonder about every avenue ahead, behind, or in our periphery. There are voices at the end of these long, old streets and we can’t quite make out what they are or what they will become. What is happening?

“…But my question falls down a deep well with no bottom, and I forget what I’ve forgotten.” – David Mitchell, Slade House

Friends, the The Path to Fast Oblivion album dropped on February 1st, 2019.

I don’t mean to be cryptic but, I’m in the state Georgia staring down the barrel (LITERALLY) of a potential governor who claims he may “round up criminal illegals” himself…I need a distraction. You need a distraction. But we don’t need any more distractions, right? Forgotten.

Our new record, The Path to Fast Oblivion, reminds me of how disgusted I’ve felt since I was a teenager. Those with power point the shit end of the stick in everyone’s face. It’s as old as red, white, and blue. 2016 to 2018 is a new level of disgrace for our country. Our new record doesn’t just bring me down. It reminds me of how beautiful my local community is in Athens, GA. We have open dialogues about things that trouble us. We support each other. We play music in each other’s homes. These beautiful, sugary clusters are everywhere. We are amazing. We are all amazing. Humans.

“Oblivion” meant something personal to me when I started writing the songs. I thought the record would be about my personal feelings; our sacred stances reflected on the inside of a diamond. Then, actually sitting in the fucking studio, they had poured outward! These past few years left a stamp on our brains. I wanted to fall backward into pillow oblivion before, but now I think we must try to sing. Unconscious.

You still have time to vote. There will be another vote. We love you.

The “Son” also rises. This pun also ties us.


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