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Emo Punks ERICA DRIVE Discuss Five Killer Tracks That Influenced Their Sound [Exclusive Feature]

Fresh from releasing their new single, Brit emo-punks Erica Drive sat down and told us about five killer songs that influenced their sound. See what they chose right here.



Brit emo-punks Erica Drive have just released a brand new video for their alluring new single, “All We Are”, which is taken from the band’s explosive sophomore EP, The Hate, The Hurt, The Healing, out everywhere on Friday 12th April.

Check out the video for “All We Are” below:

The band, consisting of Matt Underdown (vocalist/guitarist), Frank Harding (guitarist), Sam Firmin (guitar & vocals), Damian Bruton (bass), and Damien Carter (drums), talked to us about five killer tracks that have helped to define their infectious sound:

1. More Than Life – “Fear”
Damian: “More Than Life were a pivotal band for me. Fast drums, heavy breaks and perfect transitions between sections of their songs. This band reached me on a personal level and the music I create reflects this. For me, it’s all about the emotion and raw passion in music. More Than Life sum this up.

2. Taking Back Sunday – “A Decade Under The Influence”
Matt: “The 13 year old emo me grew up with this song on repeat. The dual vocals, the heavy guitars, the sing along chorus, the aggressive vocals….. this song Is everything that I wanted my bands to sound like! Even now it stands up and holds its own, it’s a rollercoaster of a song!”

3. Pup – “Reservoir”
Damian: “The track is really raw, full of energy and superbly catchy, you’ll end up humming it after the first listen. In terms of similarities, we would like to think that our tracks, like this one, will stick to your brain like glue. Plus big, crunchy riffs which we all adore.”

4. The Wonder Years – “I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral
Frank: “I love the way this combines the best aspects of the greatest generation album all in to one tune. I think it demonstrates the best aspects of The Wonder Years and I take influence from the way they can take fast aggressive music yet combine it with more melodic slowed down sections and really big catchy chorus that make you want to sing along.”

5. Devil Sold His Soul – “Time”
Sam: “Devil Sold His Soul were one of the first bands to really cement my love for delay and reverb on guitars. The ability to build atmosphere and emotion before the rest of the band kicks is something that really speaks to me. For me i need to be able to connect with music emotionally, be that through relatable lyrics, ambient guitars or hard hitting drums and heavy riffs. Devil Sold His Soul always manage to accomplish this for me and “Time”, in particular, inspires me to try and achieve this with our music.”

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