It’s been a long time coming, but here it is and we have it for you first, exclusively, the premiere stream of Swiss alternative metallers Down To The Bunker’s debut album, Misery. It’s been a determined adventure for the five-piece group that has helped fuel the passion and intensity that you hear on this release, which may be pre-ordered right here.

Misery is a bold and explosive display of crushing guitar riffs and pounding rhythms, but also thoughtful tinges of melody, mature songwriting, and individual instrumental expertise. The album was partially recorded and mixed by Thibault Bernard at Convulsound Productions and Yvan Bing at Kitchen Studio.

With an exclusive quote on the standout album track “The Asylum,” drummer Leo Juston said, “This song is the older of the album and it changed a lot before we got to this version. ‘The Asylum’ is a place where the character is trying to run from reality, but there is no way to escape…”

Misery is the best company. Hear why today!

Originally from Genève, Down To The Bunker formed in 2012. Initially a four-piece, the group soon grew to be a quintet which helped polish the big, bold sound you hear on Misery. The stability of the band’s lineup was regularly tested in the early years, but they still managed to release a self-titled debut EP in 2015.

With the group still working things out internally, it limited their effectiveness in being able to persistently play live and get their music out to more people. Much resolve drove Down To The Bunker forward which helped them finally establish a consistent live presence. With a full lineup intact and Misery now about to be released, Down To The Bunker are ready to fully invest themselves in their artistry and full potential.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at Down To The Bunker’s recent video for “The Asylum.”