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Diabolical – “Eclipse” [Album Review]

Swedish black/death metal quartet Diabolical have been plying their trade for nearly 25 years now, so does their fifth offering, Eclipse, see them straying from their well-trodden path? Read our review to find out.



The blackened/death metal genre has had a shot in the arm recently with the rise in popularity of Polish heavyweights Behemoth amongst the more mainstream metal fan. So, given this boost, time to turn our attention to more underground acts, in particular Swedish quartet Diabolical who have just dropped this, their fifth studio album.

As you would expect, Eclipse ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the blackened death metal genre. From the moment the album kicks off with the gloriously dramatic opener “We Are Diabolical,” it’s clear what you’re going to get from the Swedish band who’ve been plying their darkened wares since 1996. Demonstrating a clinical combination of black metals more grandiose side with more straight down the barrel brutal death metal, offerings like the epic “Black Sun” and the epic pomp-drenched growl of “Inception,” Eclipse has clearly been written by a band who know what is expected of them. From the dark artwork to the band imagery, everything fits with the concept of Eclipse which sees the band exploring the dark side of humanity through their dramatic music.

Throughout the course of the album, Diabolical make use of every available tool to create a sound that is dark, ominous, brutal and dramatic. Eclipse is the sound of a band who have spent nearly twenty-five years honing their skills to put them at the top of their game. On the downside, there is very little that will surprise you about this black-hearted offering but, as they’re twenty-five years into their career, maybe it’s a little unfair to hold the fact that Eclipse sees the Swedes sticking to what they’re best at as a stick to beat them with?

We recently premiered Diabolical’s dramatic video for “Betrayal,” which you can enjoy right here.

Eclipse Track Listing:

01. We Are Diabolical
02. Betrayal
03. Black Sun
04. Failure
05. Inception
06. Hunter
07. Tyranni
08. The Fire Within
09. Requiem

Run Time: 41:37
Release Date: February 15, 2019
Record Label: Indie Recordings

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