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CALL ME AMOUR’s Vocalist Harry Radford Looks Back at the Last Two Years and Ahead to a Bright Future

A lot has changed for Harry Radford, frontman with Call Me Amour. Along with a new single, “Tourniquet”, the band played their first show recently so we caught up with Harry to find out more about the last two years and the future.



Just over two years ago Harry Radford stepped onto a stage for the final time with his band Yashin. Since then a lot has changed for the vocalist including his return with a new band Call Me Amour. Along with a new single, “Tourniquet”, the band played their first show recently so we caught up with Harry to find out more about the last two years and the future.

Thanks for your time Harry, how did your first show go recently?
Harry: “It’s not often I get nervous anymore going on stage but I was for that gig. I really had no idea what to expect but I loved and it couldn’t have gone better I felt

Looking back to those final Yashin shows just over two years ago what are your memories of them and how did it feel to come off stage and know it was over?
Harry: “The things that stick out in my memory is the old Yashin singer, Mike Rice coming on stage with us, me singing in an inflatable pool on top of the crowd and the feeling of gratitude for all the years of fun and people listening to our music.”

How have you spent the last two years of your life and why was now the right time for you to return?
Harry: “I’m now the director of 3 financial administrative companies with offices based in the UK and Ireland, besides that I’ve been travelling the world with friends. I was in Las Vegas at Warped Tour when I felt that hunger again to get back on stage again.”

With Call Me Amour what is it you want to achieve both musically and personally?
Harry: “It’s a completely different mindset and goals with this band. I don’t need to be strategic in song-writing, merch or content. It’s not my career anymore so I don’t need to be conscious of what will sell or make it my living. I don’t care at all anymore. This is purely what I want to do, in my way, with no other influences. That being said all we want to do with band is tour the world and play to as many people as possible.”

The new single “Tourniquet” is out, is it a good indication of the direction the band will take?
Harry: “Yes it is. It touches on a lot of our areas. The next two singles will also expand our sound, but “Tourniquet” is in the right vein of what we are about.”

Check out the new direction Harry is taking with the video for ‘Tourniquet’:

What has the reaction been like from fans new and old to the new single?
Harry: “It’s been positive, obviously very different to my old band but that’s ok. I wanted a clean slate and new listeners.”

Moving forward, what are your plans for new music and how is that progressing?
Harry: “Currently waiting on hearing about some support tours. Once one of those is locked in you can expect another single and video coming out followed by some headline shows across the UK.”

Okay, on the subject of amour, what is your idea of true love?
Harry: “I saw a movie years back that described it as your souls recognition of its counterpoint in another, quite an interesting thought. I’ve been in love twice in my life and I’m 29 now. Those moments were some of the best in my life, it’s hard to describe but it’s a feeling that can’t be replicated by drugs, alcohol, playing to thousands or getting the last slice of pizza.”

This is a fresh start for Harry Radford. By the end of 2019 what do you hope to have achieved?
Harry: “We want a high profile support slot this year, that’s the goal – get out to the UK in a big way.”

Thanks for your time, last chance to plug Call Me Amour so go for it…
Harry: “I feel rock music for new bands is harder than ever with the way fashion music is going. It’s tough for people to back something new and start a new bandwagon. Get out of the house, go see new bands you haven’t heard of, music is a beautiful thing and seeing it live can be like magic. Listen, watch and absorb while you can.”

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