Infused with the breezy, ocean-ready ethos of the area from which this band hails, Victoria, British Columbia-based Wise Child return with a music video for their delectable single, “This Rut”. The indie rock troop’s dreamy, summery new tune juxtaposes washy guitars and butt-moving bass and features production from Colin Stewart (The New Pornographers, Yukon Blonde, Black Mountain). Bittersweet though the lyrics may be, with closed eyes you can still feel the sea spray misting your face.

The Kingtide Films-directed video is colourful with loads of quirky aesthetic, including tracksuits and skate parks. Check the video premiere today, and find more tunes via the band’s .com, Bandcamp, and/or Spotify. Oh, and also of note, the group will return this spring with a full-length called Idle Hands.

Commenting on the single’s writing and recording, front woman Jaya Bremer noted: “‘This Rut’ really came together quickly. Roger [Eldridge, guitar] started writing it while we were in Port Renfrew playing Song & Surf Music Festival, this eventually became the bass line. The song really started to take shape when Randy [Baragar, guitar] sat down and noodled lead lines all over it until something stuck, which are now those two guitar lines playing off each other you can hear in in the intro. It was one of those sweet little gifts of a song, where you can just close the door on it because it’s done! Lots of songs never have that feeling of closure or total satisfaction. It was one we all loved from the get-go.”

Things are getting really bright for this band. Check out “Big Lights”!


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