Based in Manchester, United Kingdom, alternative rock/pop four-piece, Elephant Trees are huge supporters of the LGBTQ community. They recently released the song “U N C O M F O R T A B L E” (which you can buy right here), a gritty indie rock effort with a new synth-infused pop single “4100” due out on February 15th. Both tracks will be included on their debut EP which will be released on April 5th.

The group is fronted by Martha Phillips, already an extremely talented songwriter at the age of 21 who is becoming well-known for her straight-from-the-heart lyrics. The band is quickly establishing themselves as some of the most genre-bending music in alternative rock and pop today so, to offer you a taste of what Elephant Trees are all about, we had the crew compile a list of their current Top 10 LGBTQ artists that are sure to leave their imprint on 2019!

01. Girlpool – What Chaos Is Imaginary
– Girlpool Incoming! What Chaos Is Imaginary, released February 1st, 2019 on Anti Records. They are storytellers, existing on their own terms. Check out the video for “Hire”. “I let it live like a payday of mine, I can’t let it be, I’m high scoring memory, Just a look at quiet history.”

02. King Princess – Make My Bed
– Released on June 15th, 2018 on Zelig Records, runner-up for “BBC Sound of 2019,” King Princess unashamedly expresses her sexuality throughout her music and visuals. We all know this is a huge thing and it opens the platform for us all to accept our visibility. Check out the video for “Talia”. “But four drinks I’m wasted, I can see you dancing, I can lay down next to you, At the foot of my bed.”

Have a look at the band’s video for “U N C O M F O R T A B L E.”

03. Bang Bang Romeo – A Heartbreaker’s Guide To The Galaxy
A Heartbreaker’s Guide To The Galaxy, released June 14th, 2019 on Five Seven Music/Red Sun Records. Local Donny heroes! Star’s is paving a way for the female voice in rock’ roll. We have the pleasure of supporting them on their “Wicked Souls Tour” in Manchester at their sold-out show on February 19th. Shout out to the boys in this band too, Rich and Ross are the kinda bois you want by your side when trying to bash down the door. Check out the video for “Bag of Bones”. “Don’t you know, it’s not a choice, And I need it, need it, need I need it yeah, Talk to me like I’m here in the room.”

04. Sugar – TBA for 2019
– New music for 2019. This album is going to be huge for “queer pop” and these beauties are leading the way for a new scene in Manchester. Last seen supporting us at Night & Day Cafe, they cultivate a space for queer pop to exist. And we’ve recently joined forces with them… watch this space. Check out the video for “Never Gonna Change”. “You should wait and see what you’ve done to me.”

05. The Japanese House – Good At Falling Down
– Released on March 1st, 2019 on Dirty Hit Amber delivers the intimacy we are all looking for. The video for “Lilo” is stunning walking us through the pain of falling in and out of love. It’s one that lingers in your chest after the song has finished… Check out the video for “Lilo”. “You were floating like a lilo. With your eyes closed, going where the tide goes. Caught in flux, you drifted till you hit the sides.”

06. Muna – About U
About U: One Year On, released on March 9th, 2019 on RCA Records. These beautiful humans identify as a queer band and challenge everything from the psychological impact of abusive relationships (crying on the bedroom floor), breakups and the LGBTQ history. Their dark pop is a twisted homage to Prince, Fleetwood Mac and the ‘80s synth. We want to support them on tour so so badly! Check out the lyric video for “Crying On The Floor”. “And I guess that I got rewired. ‘Cause you’re cold as ice but it feels like fire, fire, fire, fire… It’s taking a lot of me loving you.”

The cover artwork for the “4100” single, due out on February 15, 2019.

07. St. Vincent
Sleater-Kinney’s new album produced by Vincent is bringing riot grrrl home! And our manager has lost her “cool” with excitement! Always a fave, powerful rhythms and in your face synths are what we take from this, as well as her sheer badass vibes. Check out the video for St. Vincent’s “Fast Slow Disco”. “Don’t it beat a slow dance to death?”

08. Sequin Sally – TBA for 2019
– New music expected for 2019. Described by Fudgel Music as “kinetic electro-pop and trip-hop infused ballads which are of arresting beauty.” Enough said really! See these beauties singing about girls you love on stage near us soon. Also, Manchester-based, don’t underestimate the emerging “queer pop” scene that’s cultivating here. Check out the video for “Pretty Girls”. “I wouldn’t want to mess with your head…you’ve got me questioning things from deep inside.”

09. Dream Wife – TBA for 2019
Dream Wife released on January 26th, 2018 on Lucky Number Music, Dream Wife only took female and non binary identifying bands on tour with them last year. The road is not just for the boys. Check out the video for “Somebody”. “You were a cute girl standing backstage. It was bound to happen.”

10. Christine and The Queens – Chris
Chris released on September 21st, 2018 on Because Music. “I’m here again to define what it means to be sexual.” Musically, mentally, methodically inspirational, we watch and listen in awe. There is so much going on in the music and the live shows. Chris is the icon the LGBTQ scene need. The mainstream presence is so important. Check out the video for “Girlfriend”, featuring Dâm-Funk. “Boys are loading their arms, girls gasp with envy. F-f-for whom are they mimicking endlessly?”

It’s time to get “Hooked” on this band with another one of their videos.


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