Out of My Way are a rising Swedish pop-punk trio curating their own brand of speedy, catchy tunes. Their five-song debut, the Whistleblower – EP (which you can grab here), dropped in March of 2018 and they recently released their new single “Built to Last” (video below). Apropos of this group’s status as emerging Scandinavian gold, we are psyched to have the guys give us a Top 10 list of their up-and-coming regional brethren, all carrying the torch of punk and alternative rock.

01. One Week Gone
– These guys have a very old-school, Blink-182 sound with a slight Scandinavian twist to help them stand out from the pack, plus they have some touring experience to boot as well. Very accessible and a very catchy band all around!

02. The Friday Prophets
The Friday Prophets had a vision to sound like “cocaine on cocaine” when they started out back in 2010, and that description still seems about right. Energetic, raw and with a punch of attitude – the band has already toured a lot and shared the stage with some major bands in the scene including No Fun At All, Teenage Bottle Rockets and Twin Pigs, to mention a few.

Trust me, baby. I’m “Built To Last”. Check out what Out of My Way have to offer.

03. Those Without
– We had the honor of performing with these guys during a three show stint in August last year and we also threw a pre-New Years’ party and show together at the end of December. Those Without is basically the Scandinavian equivalent of bands like Neck Deep, with super catchy riffs, choruses and a heavy rhythm section, and they’ve quickly become close friends of ours. We’ll be hitting the road with these guys some time this year, be sure to be on the lookout for their new EP dropping this year as well!

04. Abandoned By Bears
Abandoned By Bears are one of the more visible bands within the modern, contemporary Easycore-scene. They play breakdowns with synths coupled with pop-punk choruses and they have two album releases on Victory Records, with several U.S. tours to boot. An easy recommendation for those weaned on bands like A Day To Remember, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! and Set Your Goals.

05. Normandie
– Though they’ve undergone some slight changes to their sound, Normandie has the benefit of having an insanely talented vocalist behind the microphone, and their alt-rock-esque sound – which brings to mind bands like The Used and Bring Me The Horizon – has secured them a solid following across the globe and multiple U.S. tours and label support.

I don’t think these guys will be waving the “White Flag” anytime soon.

06. Dorm Patrol
– After having been on a slight hiatus for quite some time, these pop-punkers recently teased some new music coming this year. Having dropped two albums, one of them being produced by none other than Sam Pura (State Champs, The Story So Far), these guys have the essentials of pop-punk honed in and write some really catchy music. Hopefully they’ll drop something new soon!

07. For The Legion
– We’ve known these guys for several years and they still play shows and drop new music every now and then. Their sound definitely gives off some strong Four Year Strong vibes with slick, heavy-sounding riffs and duelling vocals. They also appear to have new music in the works as well!

08. Forgetting Yesterday
– These guys have a track and music video currently featured on “CaliberTV” and bear a strong resemblance to modern pop punk acts like Neck Deep, Between You & Me and Like Pacific. Their EP is a bop and a strong torch bearer for the future of modern, Scandinavian pop-punk.

Life can be so confusing when you’re young. Here’s “Stay/Away”.

09. Like Torches
– Having worked with Ryan Key of Yellowcard fame on several releases, Like Torches is a healthy blend of alt-rock riffage and punk-like intensity and have recently signed to Victory Records, with a new full-length on the way. These guys also have an impressive track-record consisting of several tours across the U.S. and Europe.

10. The Last Band
– While not exactly pop-punk, The Last Band combines elements of metalcore, hip-hop and hardcore with some super catchy choruses. Their sound is incredibly unique and judging by their social media presence and touring experience, they’re slated to do some big things down the line!