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Silverstein (w/ Hawthorne Heights, As Cities Burn, Capstan) @ The Opera House (Toronto, ON) on December 16, 2018 [Photos & Show Review]

Silverstein hit The Opera House in Toronto on December 16th for the “When Broken is Easily Fixed” tour along with Hawthorne Heights, As Cities Burn and Capstan!



Silverstein hit The Opera House in Toronto, Ontario on December 16th for the “When Broken is Easily Fixed” tour with Hawthorne Heights, As Cities Burn and Capstan. The venue was packed with tons of excited and eager fans to watch the headliners play their debut LP in full along with some classics.

The night kicked off with emo powerhouses Capstan. This was the first time I had ever seen them live or listened to their music. Memorable melodies and catchy breakdown patterns had me bobbing my head away during their whole set. The combination of clean and harsh vocals, usually performed by the bassist and frontman respectively were quite impressive. They were very energetic during their live performance and overall great performers. Overall, a great addition to the lineup and energy to begin the night.

Check out Silverstein’s latest music video for “Retrograde!”

Next up was As Cities Burn who surprised me the most of any band that night. I wasn’t expecting much as I had never heard of them before or heard their music. I enjoyed their set thoroughly and was most impressed with their energy. The songs were fantastic and had me extremely into their set even while trying to concentrate on photographing it. I couldn’t help from banging my head. The most enjoyable part of their set was the variety of music they were performing. From heavy riffs, breakdowns, clean vocals and yelling to soft beautiful parts accompanied by a tight rhythm section; there was something for everyone.

After that fantastic performance was emo legends Hawthorne Heights. This is a band that has been around for a while, with records going back as early as 2001. Although I have never been the biggest fan of their music I have to say, they still got it. The infectious melodies and catchy vocals had a lot of their fans singing along. This set felt like a huge throwback to the early 2000s emo days; it had that classic sound. I could definitely see the influence that this band has had on the emo scene and enjoyed watching them play some classics.

Last but not least was the main act of the night, Silverstein. This was my first time seeing them and as a new fan of their music, I was beyond excited to see them. The performance of their first record was ten times better than the performances they laid down in the studio. Seeing that album live made me wish they re-recorded it; Shane’s vocals were almost flawless live. Considering they played the night before, I didn’t expect him to be as fantastic as he was. The whole venue popped off for the Burlington powerhouses. I couldn’t help but rock out to some of their classics such as “Smile In Your Sleep” and “My Heroine.” The set spanned over an hour and they did not tone down the energy once during that time. This performance is definitely in my top five sets of 2018. Make sure to catch them live in your city next time they roll through!