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SET IT OFF List the TOP 5 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2019 [Exclusive]

Set It Off are dropping their Fearless Records debut, Midnight, on February 1st, and we have the band’s vocalist, Cody Carson, joining us to list his Top 5 most anticipated video games of 2019.



Tampa’s alternative darlings Set It Off are due to drop their Fearless Records debut, Midnight, on February 1st, 2019. To top off the band’s increasingly broadening sound, a two-part world tour spanning NA, the UK, and Europe, and a recent video release for the track “Lonely Dance”, vocalist, Cody Carson joins us for this exclusive Top 5 list. As an avid gamer, Cody eagerly shares his five most anticipated video games of 2019.

Before we begin, check out Set It Off’s Alien-inspired video for “Lonely Dance.”

01. The Last of Us 2
– Now don’t hate me, but I have yet to play the first The Last of Us, but that’s about to change….ehhh probably tonight. Every single person I know of that has played that game has raved about how incredible it was and how groundbreaking it has been. I just got done watching the trailer for The Last of Us 2 and whoa!

First of all, the graphics are top of the line, and the acting is so natural and effortless. The quality of the story reminded me of Detroit from 2018 (also an incredible game). The transition from story to gameplay was absolutely seamless, and a real wakeup call to what you’re in for. I can see this game taking Game of The Year no problem.

A reminder not to piss off Ellie…

02. The Division 2
– The original The Division was one of my favourite games when it came out in 2016. It seemed to merge a lot of my favourite aspects of gaming all into one. I loved the detail to the map of New York, the ability to acquire real weapons and upgrade them throughout the game, but also the ability to co-operate with others online to complete missions if you choose to, kind of like Destiny.

To me, it was Destiny meets Call of Duty in third person. I also appreciated how it requires strategy to take down your enemies. You couldn’t just run and gun; you had to be patient. It was overall extremely entertaining and I CANNOT wait for the sequel to come out.

A reminder not to piss off Ell…wait, I mean Tom Clancy.

03. Kingdom Hearts 3
– If you’re a fan of Disney and/or the Kingdom Hearts series, then you’ve absolutely been anticipating this release whether you knew it or not. Kingdom Hearts 3 has been a looooong time coming but it’s finally coming out at the end of January! It’s not every day that a video game can bring that childhood-like wonder back to life through the movements of a controller, but it’s back baby! So if you want to hang out with Olaf, Goofy, Buzz Lightyear and MANY other Disney characters while fighting numerous epic bosses on an incredible journey, then pick this up once it drops!

Check out what Disney and Square Enix have on offer this time around.

04. Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order
– Ok, now this one is an obvious choice. I know people have been pretty sore at EA for their monetary incentives in the gaming world and there is the obvious reason for caution, but… it’s a Star Wars game, and that alone has me excited. The title has me EXTREMELY amped at the possibility of increased Jedi play, because who wouldn’t love zipping through the air and crushing throats with your mind while wielding a lightsaber? Let’s face it, we all wish we were a Jedi.

Does loving Darth Maul make you a sociopath?

05. Resident Evil 2
– Sure, it’s a remake of the PS One original, but this is such an iconic classic that to be able to see it in all its high-quality graphics glory is such a pleasure! It’s also sure to scare the absolute piss out of me since it’s the only context in which zombies actually frighten me, so I’ll take that thrill any day. I’m a big fan of horror games; some really get my heart racing and some just rely on the jump scares. I can confidently say that the Resident Evil series has the ability to keep my heart rate up more consistently than any horror movie has ever done before.

Jump into Leon’s original RE debut all over again.

Before you head off, don’t forget that Set It Off’s Fearless Records debut, Midnight, is out on February 1st! Get your pre-order on and see the rad cover artwork just below. #rock