Unless you’re in the position of Dave Keuning, lead guitarist in one of the world’s biggest rock bands, The Killers, it’s hard to see what purpose albums like this serve. A break from the sanity-sapping schedule of the day job? A chance to try out something you wouldn’t get away with in your main band? An opportunity to grab the limelight and become THE STAR OF THE SHOW for a fleeting moment? Well, in the case of Prismism, the new solo album from The Killers guitarist, it’s probably a 50/50 split between the first two because there is definitely no ego-massaging in this low-key, 80s snyth-drenched offering.

Here’s a taster of the album in the form of “Restless Legs”:

Now, while Prismism is hardly a limelight grabbing album, it’s certainly a decent effort from the guitarist giving him the chance to step out of the shadow of his bandmate Brandon Flowers. Given that chance to spread his musical wings, you would hope that Prismism would seen as a massive opportunity for Keuning to stamp his own mark on the world rather than being “the guitarist in The Killer” but it doesn’t feel like that. What is feels like when you listen to tracks like “Wonderful, Wonderful” is more a case of Keuning enjoying writing music away from the constraints of being part of multi-million selling rock outfit. An easy album to get into, Keuning has big hooks, slick banks of ’80s synth pop and lots of keyboards. It also sees Keuning providing the voice of the project as well and, yes, of course he’s no Flowers but, listening to his dulcit tones on “Boat Accident”, it’s hard to criticize him for “not being Brandon Flowers” because his vocal performance weaves seamlessly into the synth-drenched pop direction of the material.

As it’s a solo album, the lyric leanings of the album dabble in more personal matters with the subjects of love and relationships unsurprisingly rearing their heads in particular on tracks like opener “Boat Accident”. It all just adds to the personal feel of the album and one that, while it might not grab Keuning an overly massive slice of the Killers audience, listening to tracks like “Restless Legs” and “The Night”, it just feels like that was never the aim of this album and, furthermore, those who do give this a spin will discover a hugely satisfying record.

Prismism Track Listing:

01. Boat Accident
02. The Night
03. The Queen’s Finest
04. I Ruined You
05. Ruptured
06. If You Say So
07. Prismism
08. Restless Legs
09. Pretty Faithful
10. High Places
11. Broken Clocks
12. Gimme Your Heart
13. Stuck Here On Earth
14. Hope and Safety

Run Time: 49:08
Release Date: January 25, 2019
Record Label: Pretty Faithful


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