One of the marquee names from LA’s golden ‘80s era rock scene, San Fran’s JETBOY, returns in 2019 with their first full-length set of all-new material in nearly 30 years. Fueled by the no-nonsense, streetwise vocals of original frontman, Mickey Finn, the 10-song slab buzzes with super-charged, riff-driven urgency courtesy of co-founding guitarists, Fernie Rod and Billy Rowe.

“The band wasn’t working on any new material when (the record label) Frontiers approached us,” Rowe confessed in a recent interview. “Mickey and I had written one or two songs a few years back, but that’s about it,” he continued. “The majority of the songs on this album were written within a couple of months after we got the offer from Frontiers.”

Yet, despite the expeditious manner in which the record came together, the songs (for the most part) are rock solid, the performances — world-class and the production pops to perfection.

Of the record’s numerous noteworthy highlights, “The Way That You Move Me,” sparkles like a diamond. Irresistibly soulful and melodic, this one feels like a beautiful, warm hug from a long-lost lover. Additionally, the just-released video track, “Brokenhearted Daydream,” is an equally infectious treat, albeit a bit harder edged.

Where you “Born To Fly”? Maybe this video will give you some answers to that question.

Arena-sized sing-alongs aside, Born to Fly delivers arguably it’s most powerful moments when Rod and Rowe break bad with their signature-style, rib-cracking, Malcolm Young-meets-Brad Whitford-inspired guitar work. And in that regard, the heart-stopping opening track, “Beating The Odds,” along with the Toys in the Attic-tinged “Old Dog, New Tricks” and the slightly-sleazy-sounding, groove-laden, “A Little Bit Easy” make for a couple of the record’s crunchiest, grittiest chunks.

In sum, JETBOY succeeds in delivering a blistering set of delightfully nasty nut-busters — a collection so authentic, it reeks of ripe sweat, stale perfume and cheap whiskey — a record that’s sure to tantalize the band’s longtime base and titillate the newly-converted.

Born To Fly Track Listing:

01. Beating The Odds (4:21)
02. Born To Fly (3:12)
03. Old Dog, New Tricks (4:21)
04. The Way That You Move Me (4:12)
05. Brokenhearted Daydream (3:14)
06. Inspiration From Desperation (3:25)
07. All Over Again (3:14)
08. She (3:03)
09. A Little Bit Easy (3:20)
10. Every Time I Go (4:21)
11. Smoky Ebony (4:46)
12. Party Time! (3:18)

Run Time 45 min
Release Date January 25, 2019
Record Label Frontiers Music s.r.l.


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