Regardless of the path you choose these days, trying to carve out a successful career in your own right is difficult but, add into the equation a family connection to a leading figure in your chosen path and things become that little bit more difficult. That being said, this minor fact hasn’t stopped Richie Cavalera successfully navigating through an almost fifteen year long career in metal with no hint of him suffering from being the step-son of Max Cavalera, a man who is not only one of the leading figures in metal but also one of its most iconic.

Incite’s latest slab of groove metal, Built to Destroy, delivers exactly what you expect it to and, what it may lack in surprises, the band make sure they make up for by delivering wave after wave of crushing grooves. Of course the comparisons are going to be there to “other bands”, let’s face it, they’re never going to go away, but the quartet consistently do themselves no harm by smashing out raging offerings like “Backbone” and “Leech”. In fact, by the time Built To Destroy has reached the punishing “Resistance”, four tracks in, the relentless grooves on this album will have your neck muscles feeling somewhat tender. From the organic, gritty production to the waves of chug-followed-by-blast metal, to Cavalera’s throaty bark, Built to Destroy is a wrecking ball of an album that, for the most part, will demolish all in its path. Powering through the album, “Human Cancer”, featuring a guest appearance from Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein, and “Poisoned By Power”, featuring Six Feet Under gurgler Chris Barnes, both live up to expectations set by the fearsome reputations of their respective guests while the groove on “Hate For Life” towards the back end of the album is simply mammoth.

Like I said at the start, Built to Destroy has only one real flaw and that is its lack of surprise – sometimes you want an album to throw you a curveball and you don’t get that with this monster. However, it more than makes up for it with a technically crushing display of nasty grooves, pummelling blasts and just downright filthy heaviness and, for precisely those reasons, Built to Destroy gets a thumbs up from us!

“Resistance” is futile so just sit back and enjoy this awesome video from Incite:

Built to Destroy Track Listing:

01. Built to Destroy
02. Ruthless Ways
03. Backbone
04. Resistance
05. Human Cancer
06. Confronting Darkness
07. Leech
08. Poisoned by Power
09. Cessation
10. Hate For Life
11. Saviour Self

Run Time: 37:34
Release Dates: January 25, 2019
Record Label: Minus Head Records


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