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ICARUS DIVE Reveal the Songs that Helped to Define Their Sound [Exclusive Feature]

From Black Peaks to Leprous, alt-rockers Icarus Dive reveal the five songs that helped define their sound.



Icarus Dive have been wowing UK audiences for some time now and have just released a new video for the track, “The New Gods”. The song has been lifted from the alt-rockers’ much-praised EP, Among The Thorns, which is out now. The band, made up of Joe (Vocals / Guitar), Harry (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Louis (Drums), talked us through the five tracks that have helped to define their captivating sound.

1. Black Peaks – “Glass Built Castles”
“Each of us in Icarus Dive has our own tastes and we argue about a lot of bands but this is one we can definitely all agree on. Black Peaks have a knack for writing huge sing-along anthems while throwing in enough of their progressive theatricalities and unconventional rhythms to keep it sounding unique and interesting and this song epitomises that.” – Joe

2. Trigger Thumb – “I’ve Got No Hands”
“Trigger Thumb is a band destined for greatness. This song showcases their ability to intertwine catchy hooks and groove in the midst of progressive chaos. We too try to blend strong melodies with less conventional structure, but these guys take it to the next level. Definitely a band to look out for!” – Louis

3. We Are The Ocean – “ARK”
“This is a song I just keep coming back to. The lyrics and the arrangement with the strings paint such an epic picture and they aren’t the first to mix 5/4 and 6/8 time signatures but this is something you’ll also here in our second single, “Murder and Lies”.” – Joe

4. Them Crooked Vultures – “New Fang”
“There’s energy racing through every instrument in this track; a testament to the excellent production. The bass and drums couldn’t be grooving harder and the quirky guitar tones play off each other to create this “live band jamming in a club” feel. This is a brilliant demonstration of rock production done right” – Harry

5. Leprous – “The Price”
“If you’ve seen Leprous live then you’ll know they put on absolute musical clinic. This song is brimming with emotion and passion. I’ve always liked expressive, melodic singers and their drummer is like nothing else. He flies off the rails with these extended fills and then locks back in with the groove like it was nothing. Masters of the game!” – Joe

Speaking about the bands own new video, vocalist Joe Crooks comments: “We wanted to capture some of the energy that we see at our gigs and there was no better time than at our EP launch in our hometown of Guildford. We wanted to show anyone that missed out that we are a band worth making the trip to see.”

Check out the video for “The New Gods” here:

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