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Hygenie, Hang Outs and Naked Fans; Life on the Road with Instrumental Math Rock Band COVET

Instrumental math-rock group Covet are coming to the UK in a couple of weeks for a run of dates with Polyphia. Ahead of the visit we spoke to David and Yvette from the band about life on the road.



In a couple of weeks, San Fransisco three-piece, Covet, will be heading out on the road across the UK supporting Polyphia. Ahead of the visit, we spoke to David and Yvette from the band about some of their favourite and craziest touring experiences.

What is your favourite city to play?
David: On all of our US tours we’ve had the good fortune of playing really fun shows in Lawerence Kansas of all places. The people are a great audience and have really shown strong support show after show.

Yvette: I would have to agree about Lawrence Kansas! I also quite enjoy our New York crowd. In both cities, we have a lot of friends and everyone has always been super really enthusiastic, respectful, and kind. Come to think of it, I also really enjoy Toronto as well! It’s always a treat being in Canada.

What is your favourite venue to play?
David: The Mod Club in Toronto, Canada has a great stage and staff on top of a cool aesthetic. Slim’s in SF is always a memorable venue as well!

Yvette: I really enjoyed Magic Stick in Detroit. The lights and sound there are incredible and there’s a fun bowling alley downstairs!

Here’s a little taster of what you can expect from the band with their video for “Shibuya”:

What do you remember about your first ever gig as Covet?
David: Our first proper gig was with our friends in the band Strawberry Girls in Monterey, Ca. Entering the most difficult moment of our first song, the beater of our drummer’s kick drum pedal flew out of it’s clasps and all the sudden we were without any kick! A friend in the front row noticed this and after checking out the situation decided to capture the moment on camera instead of fixing the pedal, much to our drummer’s dismay. Categorically hilarious!

Yvette: I feel like we played at a Guitar Center once and it was weird. We played at a tent by the entrance (laughs).

What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you at one of your gigs?
David: Any time a musician we are fans of makes their way to a show it feels crazy to us! It’s a surreal moment that really fuels the performance and creates a unique feel the show.

Yvette: I would have to agree with David. It always blows my mind when that happens! When I think of crazy, I also think of all crazy anomalous instances where it seemed like all our gear crapped out on us live and we had to just go with the flow and troubleshoot on the fly. We’ve had some disastrous sound shows. Also, one time, this super drugged out guy in Portland took off his clothes front row and threw them on my pedalboard and I got really close to wanting to kick him away… he also got onstage and fell on the other band’s pedalboard so it was pretty wild

Who would be your ultimate band to tour with?
David & Yvette: We are all fans of Three Trapped Tigers and Town Portal. Either of those bands would be amazing!

What essential items can’t you live without on the road?
David: Raw almonds (ralmonds), hard boiled eggs and black coffee!

Yvette: All my toiletries. I’m a prissy hygiene princess. I also am mad appreciative of head pillows for sleeping on the road.

Where is your favourite place to hang out when on tour?
David: New York City is great place to hang in small doses! Denton, Texas is a sleeper pick that always gives us a good time as well.

Yvette: Agree with David! I always enjoy hanging out in NYC! Portland is also lovely for a few days because of all the artsy shops and the food! And yeah, I like Denton, Texas as well because a ton of our good music friends live there.

What are you expecting from your visit to the UK?
David: We are hoping to reconnect with some fans we made on our last trip out there in 2015. It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to head out internationally and play shows in a place that has always been really supportive of our music.

Yvette: I keep on reiterating David but he’s on it! I am so excited to finally bring our new music to the UK and see some old friends…and make new ones of course! I have gone to the UK a bunch acoustically as my solo project and I’m really happy to be able to do Covet shows there. If it’s anything like my solo acoustic experiences, I know everyone will be super kind.

Tour Dates:

02/06 – MANCHESTER – Deaf Institute
02/07 – GLASGOW – Stereo
02/08 – NOTTINGHAM – Rock City
02/09 – LEEDS – Brudenell Social Club
02/10 – BRIGHTON – The Haunt
02/11 – BRISTOL – The Fleece
02/12 – LONDON – Electrowerkz
02/13 – BIRMINGHAM – O2 Academy

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