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Stream RYAN MCMAHON’s New Album ‘In Line For A Smile’ and Get Back in Touch with Humanity [Exclusive Premiere]

Addressing the overt lack of human social connection amongst us today, we’re thrilled to premiere the new record, In Line For A Smile, courtesy of Vancouver Island singer-songwriter Ryan McMahon.



Who’s “in line for a smile?” I know we are, so maybe you better follow suit and get in line behind us. Today, we are bringing you the premiere of Vancouver Island singer-songwriter Ryan McMahon’s new record, In Line For A Smile, set for release on February 1st (pre-order a copy on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Apple Music), McMahon is set to build on what has already become a highly successful solo career.

The new recording marks his sixth full-length release, which doesn’t even take into account his role as one of the members of the popular folk/roots group Lion Bear Fox. In Line For A Smile is a collection of ten tracks focused on the lack of human social connection amongst us present in the world today. There is also powerful commentary on all the self-help racket and the need for we as people to recalibrate our thinking back towards the things that are truly important in life; family, friends and the enrichment of relationships. As a solo artist trying to make it in the year 2019, McMahon is all too familiar with the struggles of maintaining a social media presence and essentially being chained to the phone and the computer.

Check out the official video for McMahon’s single “Too Tired for Love”.

Commenting on the general theme behind In Line For A Smile, McMahon said, “I don’t claim to have any answers here, but I’m more than happy to be a part of a discussion. The fact is, in some ways, we’ve never been more connected. In others, we’ve never been more alone. I have three children of various ages, and when my oldest (who is in grade 10) is telling me that she’s jealous of my generation, when ‘a boy would have to muster the guts and courage to go up and ask a girl to a movie or coffee or whatever’ it makes me sad.

Those are some of the finest rights of passage for a young person, and at the risk of sounding all ‘get off my lawn,’ I feel for these kids. The only thing that we suggest in our home is balance. We don’t allow our kids, or ourselves, to hide away in rooms in front of screens for hours. We use devices, but if we’re going to be on them, we are all in the common area in our home; interacting with one another while basking in the warm glow of humanity in 2019!”

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