Alt-­folk brothers Cry Monster Cry have released a contemporary, pop focused retelling of their gorgeous track “Citadel”. “Citadel – The Richey McCourt Remix” was borne out of Sunday morning coffee and chats that the Sutton natives had with a producer friend, Richey McCourt (whose recent work with electro­-pop artist Laoise has garnered critical acclaim.

Discussing the track, the alt-folk band explained: “The idea for “Citadel” came from a dream, and we always had a vision for a music video that would showcase the ocean and natural landscapes. Being Irish, and having grown up beside the sea, it is a recurring theme in our music. For this track, we wanted to present a landscape that wasn’t our own, to create an otherworldly, timeless feeling. The coastline of Iceland proved perfect. People have commented that the video is like a few minutes if mindfullness, and we liked the idea of people being swept away in the music and the imagery.”

“We worked with the team who created the original video to change the pace, colour and feel for the remix video. Time lapse footage was used, and shots were reversed, showing waves receding and retreating. It felt right for this production. Altering the colour grading makes it feel haunting and somewhat alien, which adds to the atmosphere and backs up the larger production of the track itself.”

The band have also posted this “Story Of…” video online:

To celebrate the release, the band will kick off a series of intimate concerts at Imbolc Festival in Derry on February 3rd. Following this, they will make their INEC debut, on a double headliner bill with Jack O’ Rourke in Killarney on March 9th. The dates will see the band playing previously unheard material, and fan favourites from their debut long-­player Rhythm of Dawn.


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