Blot & Bod, a three-piece from Copenhagen, achieve a frenetic symbiosis between raw black metal and punk on Ligæder, a vinyl re-release of their 2017 debut. The short, sharp confrontations (I hesitate to call the individual tracks “songs”) veer between ambient instrumentals (“Kom I Hu” and “Erindring” open and close the album in this way) and bass-heavy riff-based compositions – much in the same vein as the likes of Countess or Barathrum, marrying doom-like low-end with early Bathory song structures.

The chunky guitar tone and the three-piece ensemble place Blot & Bod firmly in black ‘n roll territory, and their dependence on riffs as a compositional device likens them favourably to early Kvelertak, but the heavier, bombastic aural assault these Danes deliver makes their Facebook description – “True Scandinavian Ragnarock” – more fitting. Short, to the point tracks (“Ravne”, clocking in at 3:16, is the longest piece on the record) and an apocalyptic, cranked-to-eleven tone perfectly match the deep growls and fast-paced percussion work.

“Auga”, with its chanted backing vocal, is the pick of the crop: musically, it is the most adventurous composition, but it still retains the enthusiastic aggression that typifies the remainder of the record. It’s worth noting that all three members contribute vocals to the record at different times, making for a more varied texture (see “Mit Blodbad” as a prime example) that aids in preventing Ligæder from descending into a tumultuous battery of distortion.

It’s spelled “Ravne” not raven. Whatever, just listen to this…

Admittedly, Blot & Bod are hardly innovators, but the aplomb with which they deliver their take on blackened, doom-y hardcore is infectious (tracks like “Bær Lig”, for example, are made for fist-in-the-air scream-alongs) and just begs for live performances – small and intimate or massive open-air stages, this is one band that needs to tour extensively to really carry Ligæder to the audience it deserves.

Ligæder Track Listing:

01. Kom I hu
02. Ul
03. Auga
04. Blodstænkte fjer
05. Sinder styrter
06. Mit blodbad
07. Bær lig
08. Velt din gud
09. Når ulven glammer
10. Væk døde mænd
11. Ravne
12. Erindring

Run Time: 32:12
Release Date: February 1, 2019
Record Label: Iron Bonehead


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