Piines is a Toronto-based ambient rock band who are trying to make everyone’s holiday season a little more bearable with the release of their new three-song EP, Out in the Grey (grab a copy on Bandcamp here), and a music video for their single, “Soaked”! This is the band’s third EP, as they continue to craft their powerful, moody brand of rock while constantly pushing into wilder and weirder realms. Neophyte’s to the music video world, their first foray sees them journeying deep into the woods of Southern Ontario with their coniferous and deciduous brethren. The single is a brooding but snappy track, structured by some fantastic drum work and guitar tones heavily soaked (how appropriate) in effects.

On shooting their first video, guitarist Mike Wardlaw has this summation:

“We always wanted the video to be mostly about the setting, without a ton of narrative work or direct storytelling. A dark forest in the middle of the night seemed appropriate, not only because of our band name, but because it captures the tone of our music as something mysterious and dark, but still vital and full of life. But mostly, we learned that planning, producing, shooting, and editing a music video is a lot of god damn work, especially when you manage to get a Home Depot van stuck in the woods overnight. So this video is a tribute to the song, and to all the friends that helped it come together, from directing, shooting, and editing, to filling in on drums and digging vans out of the mud. Thanks.“

The band JUST released their new Out in the Grey EP today, check it out!

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