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Real Friends (w/ Boston Manor, Grayscale, Eat Your Heart Out) @ Mod Club (Toronto, ON) on November 20, 2018 [Photos & Show Review]

Real Friends hit the Mod Club Theatre in Toronto on Tuesday, November 20th with supporting acts Boston Manor, Grayscale and Eat Your Heart Out for a fun-filled, energetic evening.



Real Friends hit the Mod Club Theatre in Toronto on Tuesday, November 20th with supporting acts Boston Manor, Grayscale and Eat Your Heart Out. To get straight to the point, this lineup made for an insanely fun and energetic night filled with singalongs, crowd surfing, moshing and an overall good time.

Opening the show was Australia’s Eat Your Heart Out. This was the first time I’d ever seen this band live or ever even heard of them. With opening acts, I’m usually skeptical of how they will perform compared to the others acts on the bill. As a whole, they were very well rehearsed, had fantastic stage presence and write some super great songs. It was refreshing seeing a punk rock band with a female vocalist that made it work well. Seeing a band from across the world play and perform so well in Toronto was a delight. After seeing their performance, I definitely will be listening to their most recent EP Mind Games over the next while.

Next up was one of my favorite pop-punk bands in the game, Grayscale. Last time I saw Grayscale was when they were on tour with another one of my favorite bands, Trophy Eyes. I was very excited to see them again, especially on this stacked bill. As usual, they didn’t disappoint and even played some of my favorite tracks including “Beautiful Things,” “Mum” and “Forever Yours.” I was sure that Grayscale would set the crowd off with some of their punk tracks. Since they have grown a larger fan base since last playing in Toronto, it was awesome to see more people moving and singing along to their tunes. The energy didn’t stop after their set; Boston Manor and Real Friends were next.

“Me First” is the most recently released, and might we say quite comical, music video from Real Friends.

When UK natives Boston Manor took the stage, they had a majority of the venue moving, crowd surfing and singing to songs off their most recent albums Welcome to the Neighbourhood and Be Nothing. This band has been in my listening rotation for the last few months so seeing them perform live was very exciting for me. Lead singer Henry Cox performed his vocals with ease and clarity, while the instrumentals and rhythm stayed on point. It was hard to keep myself calm and focused on photographing the show because of how much I was enjoyed their performance. I wasn’t a huge fan of their most recent album before this show but after seeing the songs live, I can’t stop listening to it. If you have never seen Boston Manor live I highly suggest catching them if and when they hit your city!

To finish things off was nothing less than the headliner, Real Friends. They played a ton of tracks off of their new record Composure but still managed to throw in a few classics for the old time fans. You could tell that this was the band most of the crowd was waiting for. Although I have never been a fan of Real Friends I thoroughly enjoyed their set. Their performance was super intimate, inclusive and insanely energetic. There wasn’t a moment when the members were standing still. I’ve never seen so many people stage diving during a set in my life. Toronto went absolutely nuts for these guys, and rightfully so.

This was one of the most fun shows I’ve been to all year. I would highly recommend checking out any of these bands when they roll through your city. Just be ready to sing and to move!