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NOT UR GIRLFRENZ Look Back at their Favourite Songs, Bands and Gigs of 2018

Summer saw them playing Warped Tour while December saw them touring Europe with Bowling For Soup so it would be fair to say that 2018 was awesome for Not Ur Girlfrenz. We spoke to the band recently to find out more about their favourite bits of the last twelve months.



Texan three-piece Not Ur Girlfrenz looked like they were having an absolute ball on stage with Bowling For Soup at the O2 Academy in Leeds earlier this month and, given that they’d also spent the Summer touring across the States as part of the Warped Tour, it would be fair to say that their 2018 turned out pretty awesome. We spoke to the band recently to find out some of their favourite things of the past twelve months.

1. Favourite Song of 2018
Liv: “Not Warriors” by Waterparks

Maren: “Ride It Out” by Makeout

Gigi: “Youngblood” by 5 Seconds Of Summer

2. Favourite Album of 2018
Liv: Dude, if I’m picking my favourite song from this album then it’s gotta be Entertainment by Waterparks

Maren: Underworld by Tonight Alive

Gigi: Trench by Twenty One Pilots

3. Favourite Gig of 2018
Liv: O2 Academy Bristol in the U.K. because the energy of the crowd was SO amazing to feed off of

Maren: The Bristol date of our UK tour with Bowling For Soup and Patent Pending

Gigi: Warped Tour, Houston

4. Favourite Venue of 2018
Liv: Usher Hall in Edinburgh because the venue is literally surrounded by castle-like buildings outside!! I felt like a Queen.

Maren: O2 Academy in Bristol

Gigi: O2 Academy Bristol because My Chemical Romance played there!!

Check out Gigi and the rest of Not Ur Girlfrenz performing My Chemical Romance hit “I’m Not Okay”:

5. Favourite Band of 2018
Liv: Hmmmmmm……. Waterparks

Maren: Paramore

Gigi: Paramore

6. Favourite Movie of 2018
Liv: Infinity War is a movie that will be forever legendary so probably that also I LOVE Marvel and the universe it’s in

Maren: The Incredibles 2

Gigi: Ralph Breaks the Internet

7. Favourite TV Show of 2018
Liv: Does The Office count? The Office always counts!

Maren: This is Us

Gigi: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

8. Favourite Not Ur Girlfrenz Song of 2018
Liv: Either “Warped” because it brings back SO many memories of being on the Vans Warped Tour and it makes me excited for future adventures to come or “Somehow” because I really poured my heart and soul into the song and it means a lot to me but overall it really just depends on my mood.

Maren: “Friends or Memories”

Gigi: “No One Asked You Anyway”

9. Favourite Not Ur Girlfrenz Memory of 2018
Liv: My favorite memory of 2018 was meeting all of the bands and getting all the cameos in our “Warped” music video during Warped Tour. All the bands were all super nice and had great advice for us as a young band.

See how much fun Not Ur Girlfrenz had on “Warped”:

Maren: Getting to be a part of the final cross country Vans Warped Tour. We got to watch and meet a lot of bands that inspire us like Simple Plan and Waterparks! Sometimes we would look out into the crowd during a show and see some of our idols staring back at us. The whole Warped community is extremely accepting and supportive and we were so lucky and thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it!

Gigi: I can’t choose between these two so i’m going to say them both! Finding out that we were going to the U.K, and crashing Simple Plan’s stage!

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