It’s pretty crowded over in the UK hardcore scene. More and more bands are popping up with a hunger to say something and establish themselves while dispersing their message. Very often, it comes down to who screams the loudest, who writes the meanest riffs, or who pounds the drums the hardest. Well, Black Coast certainly give many a run for their money, and their hard work since forming in 2016 is paying off.

Coming off a relentless string of tours last year that swung them out to Japan and back, 2018 has been a frantic gauntlet as the quintet put together their second offering, an ambitious double EP entitled Ill Minds Vol 1 & 2, with the power of Dutch label Primordial Records backing them.

Some songs should sound like sweat dripping from the walls, in a poky venue with a couple of hundred enthusiastic kinds going wild. The EP’s title track is exactly one of those songs, with vein-popping screams atop dissonant, muscular riffs and a groove-riding rhythm section. While naturally the best setting to see Black Coast is in one of these aforementioned venues, below you can see them in all their glory as part of a live session. Try not to wreck your house as you listen.

Ill Minds Vol. 1 is available now. You can stream it below.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

12/12 – Stoke, Sugarmill (w/ King 810)
12/23 – Stoke, Underground (Christmas Show)

Black Coast are in a “Lawless” kind of mood with this previously released music video.