South Birmingham’s Van Rockman’s Honeybus has released a new song and accompanying video for “Poppy Fields” in honor of Remembrance Day. The band, fronted by Tim Fisher, released their debut album The Lost Tapes last year, a record that was only 42 years in the making. Fisher found the original demo tape in his mother’s attic when he was helping her to move. After he discovered the tape, Fisher got together the original members of the band so they could finally record that long lost album. All songs were written between 1969 and 1974 and they were spotted at a gig on Curzon Street in Birmingham by EMI Records who took the band’s demo tape that night, with an interest in signing them. The tape was lost and re-recording the demo was too tall of a task for a fledgling rock band at the time which meant Van Rockman’s chances to move forward with their music were gone.

“Poppy Fields” lyrics were inspired by a love letter from a young war bride which Fisher from Van Rockman found back in 1969 in an old herdsman’s cottage in the West Midlands. Commented Fisher, “In 1969 I went to give a friend a hand to renovate an old remote herdsman’s cottage, near Earlswood in the West Midlands. No one had lived in for over 50 years. On entering it was like stepping into a time capsule and we stumbled upon a beautiful wartime love letter, clearly from a young war bride who was expecting her first child. I like to think that her husband returned home safely from World War One, so…sit back and listen to her words 100 years on…”