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Twenty One Pilots (w/ Max Frost, AWOLNATION) @ Capital One Arena (Washington, D.C.) on October 31, 2018 [Photos & Show Review]

Light some fire, cover yourself in neon yellow duct tape, rig up some seriously killer lighting and you’ll have yourself a Twenty One Pilots show. Joshua Dun and Tyler Joseph put on a spine-chilling show at Washington, DC’s Capital One Arena.



Light some fire, cover yourself in neon yellow duct tape, and rig up some seriously killer lighting and you’ll have yourself a Twenty One Pilots show. Joshua Dun and Tyler Joseph put on one of the most spine-chilling and intricate shows that I have ever seen. The dynamic duo took the stage on Halloween night and gave every fan there quite the treat, but they certainly had a few tricks up there sleeves as well.

Twenty One Pilots are one of those bands that have become very well known for their high-spirited stage presence. Joseph and Dun fill every room, front to back, giving energetic performances that get audiences jumping, screaming and dancing along everywhere they go. You could feel the sudden change of atmosphere from being outside to stepping into the venue. Happiness, above all, was the primary emotion that each individual was feeling. Twenty One Pilots have affected the lives of many people in such a positive and uplifting way and you knew that just by being in the presence of their fans.

Max Frost just wants everyone to have a “Good Morning”.

Max Frost amped up the crowd at the beginning of the night with his indie-pop vibes. Frost is a name that will be pretty well known after being introduced to so many new people on this tour. For those individuals who have not heard of Max Frost, I highly suggest giving his music a listen. The singer had just released his album titled Gold Rush on October 5, 2018, which features ten unique songs with melodies that will surely get stuck in your head. During his performance he promoted new tracks as well as some older ones, such as “Withdrawal”, “Adderall” and “Good Morning.”

AWOLNATION was up next to take the stage and they kept the party going. They have a unique alternative rock and electropop sound that continued to keep the crowd feeling upbeat and ready for Twenty One Pilots. They performed songs from their well known album Megalithic Symphony, as well as some hits from their more recent album Here Come the Runts, that was released on February 2, 2018. AWOLNATION appropriately saved their beloved hit “Sail” for last which left the crowd feeling exhilarated and ready to take on the rest of the night.

“T-O-P, T-O-P, T-O-P!” The crowd bellowed as a massive banner was raised in preparation for Twenty One Pilot’s performance. Then energy in the arena was flowing vicariously through every single person. The room was overflowing with cheers for the band that we have all been waiting for. The lights went out, the banner dropped to the floor and fans roared. As that moment occurred you could feel yourself getting goosebumps from the intense performance that was about to take place. Dun took the stage with a flaming torch as he paced back and forth to each side of the crowd. Soon after, Joseph made quite the entrance by rising up on a platform that held a burning, beat up car. The pair went right into their new song “Jumpsuit” off of their most recent album Trench. Twenty One Pilot’s setlist for this show was nothing short of impressive. They incorporated a perfect mixture of old and new which was ideal for long time fans as well as newer ones.

Joseph and Dun also had AWOLNATION and Max Frost join them as they performed covers of the famous Beatles song “Hey Jude” and “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls. At one point during, Joseph climbed on top of a beam that hung right above the floor over thousands of fans and performed (how’s that for impressive?). If you thought that was not exciting enough Dun drummed over top of the crowd while being help up by fans during their song “Morph.” Joseph was also held up by fans while singing the beginning of their popular song “Holding on to You.” Twenty One Pilots truly are an incredible band and with each intense and emotional performance that have, they always make sure to show their appreciation for their fans. Dun and Joseph are one the most impressive and energetic duos out there and they are extremely deserving of their fame.

Nothing says fun and comfy like a “Jumpsuit”, right?