[Spunge] have already been going strong for 21 years, seeing off their rivals and maintaining a strong fan base. This is no mean feat, especially considering the fact that they’ve continued to put out good quality music across seven albums. Now, in the closing months of 2018, the British ska-punk veterans have released their new single “Liar” to their hungry fans.

“Liar” opens with a slow yet skankable guitar riff courtesy of Damon Robins before the rest of the band chime in. Vocalist Alex Copeland sets the song’s tone with his iconic casual style, stretching out each end syllable. The tune kicks up a notch for the chorus, bringing back memories of the early Noughties, when ska-punk in the UK was gaining momentum.

The song is not aimed at any specific person, but, as Copeland states: “It’s about the concept of people being very different creatures depending on who they’re with or what their agenda is. We all come across this from time to time, and the song is our way of saying that you probably aren’t getting away with it as smoothly as you think…” The message here is clear; if you are one of those people, then at one stage or another you will get caught out!

For fans of [Spunge], the track is a nostalgic nod back to days past. It demonstrates that, although you may have forgotten about them since Hang On? – their last full release back in 2014 – they have not gone away, and at some point they will be back doing what they do best: making and playing music for those of us willing to hit that dance floor, drink in hand, skanking away as if there is nothing better.

Run Time: 3:27
Release Date: October 5, 2018
Record Label: Dent’All Records

Check out the band’s “Liar single here.