Our own Throwback Thursday continues with our first-ever Halloween edition. Launching every Thursday, we feature some blasts from the past meant to spark some nostalgia and inject some pretty rad music back into our lives. Alright, sooooo we’re a day late but we don’t schedule on which day Halloween falls. Hopefully these vids make up for the tardiness!

01. Marilyn Manson – ”Tourniquet”
– Only because Manson is in ruffled panties, my childhood is ruined… that’s all…

02. Tool – ”Parabola”
– Vomit? Check! Blood? Check! All the great makings of a gross vid. Guitarist Adam Jones directed this baby. Word to the wise… watch this more than once… it gets creepier.

03. Nine Inch Nails – ”Pinion”
– Somewhat of a disturbing video if you ask me, and believe me…I’m disturbed, but what makes it even creepier is that’s an instrumental track…