O’ my heart, where do I start? This album is bringing it back to the early days of Mother Mother, and what’s not to like? This being their seventh studio album, the band has definitely played around with their sound, but getting back in touch with their roots has allowed for an album that makes you want to Dance and Cry, just like the title says.

On first listen though, I was a bit confused by some of the disjointedness, but that’s the group; they are kind of a bit quirky and not conventionally cohesive. “I Must Cry Out Loud” is so soft and delicate, and, even though it is a little jarring as it transitions into the next track, you can’t help but appreciate this as an opening song with iconic harmonies from all of the members in Mother Mother. Full disclosure here: this has to be the first title track that I have loved immediately.

Dance and Cry is so energetic and lively, all the while making you want to spill out all of your emotion. When speaking about the the album, singer/songwriter Ryan Guldemond said: “I made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t pursue songs that didn’t either make me want to dance or cry, or ideally both.”

Wake up, “Get Up”, and smarten up, and watch this Mother Mother video.

“Get Up” has been rocking on the airwaves for several weeks now. If you haven’t heard it, the lyrics are about picking yourself up and moving on with your life, better and stronger. And, as with that song, when the chorus of “Bottom is a Rock” comes on, cranking the volume is basically mandatory, as it is such a loud and anthemic track. In this song, as on the entire album, there is a very dynamic juxtaposition between joy and hardship.

Mother Mother has been on the alternative scene since 2005, with their most iconic album, O’ My Heart, currently celebrating its tenth year anniversary. Having siblings start a band might not seem a good idea to some, but for the Guldemonds and all members of the band, it unquestionably worked out. As someone who has traveled twelve hours by bus to see them play in a dive bar in New York, I am thrilled to have some new music, and this album did not disappoint. The long standing Canadian band really impressed me with this offering, after a few not-so-great ones in recent history.

Dance and Cry Track Listing:

01. I Must Cry Out Loud
02. Dance and Cry
03. Get Up
04. So Down
05. Good at Loving You
06. Biting on a Rose
07. It’s Alright
08. Give Me Back the Night
09. Back to Life
10. Only Love
11. Bottom is a Rock
12. Keep

Run Time: 40:00
Release Date: November 2, 2018
Record Label: Mother Mother Music