Friday, October 26th, Rise Records rockers Mayday Parade brought their “Welcome To Sunnyland Tour” to Chicago’s House Of Blues and the second that the house lights went off, you felt the energy in the room shift and the excitement kick in. Fans who had waited outside in the cold to be right against the barricade started screaming and it was nearly impossible not to be excited at this point.

Mayday Parade is a band that never disappoints with their stage set up. With a drum platform that looks like a wooden fence and trees set up around the stage reminiscent of the album cover, as well as a backdrop that stars twinkle through throughout the entire set, it was definitely a site to see. Alongside that, they had beautiful lighting the entire night, with reds and oranges to represent the album cover, and moody blues and greens to fit their general aesthetic.

With a setlist containing everything from the first song the guys wrote as a band (“Three Cheers for Five Years”) to tracks off the most recent album Sunnyland, it was a set that was perfect for everyone from the super fans to the casual listener. This tour is one that I can’t recommend enough if they’re coming through a city near you.

If you’re “Never Sure” what to listen to, then try this song.