Friends, just breathe. Everything’s going to be okay. Sure, the world might be going to shit, but it’s happened before and, sometimes, a hard reset is just what’s needed. That said, even a total reboot is better off with a soundtrack… enter Toronto, Canada’s HUMANITIES. Our current pick for your musical accompaniment to a massive societal shift.

Speaking of terrific timing, the emotive post-hardcore quartet are beginning to celebrate the November 16th release of their upcoming Unnatural Histories EP. Due out on CD and cassette, the four-track recording will drop via No List Records (pre-order here) and is today being further teased with our debut of the “Kiss Me with Fists” video.

Before we continue, were you aware this is the “Century of the Selfie”?

In other rad promotional news, the band are set to perform a release show at Toronto’s Faith//Void with Greber on the 16th (more details via the Facebook event invite here).

Speaking of the song, vocalist Scott Birdwise comments:

“Politicians and police officers might kiss babies, but they ‘kiss’ dissent with fists and tear gas, guns and dogs. We’re the unhappy and beaten children of the state, but we no longer love our daddy. That’s one angle this song is working from. The other is domestic violence, confusing love with abuse. This is also political violence, inside the home and out. This song says no to the romance of violence; no to an abusive partner or parent; no to an abusive state; no to the paradigm of ‘tough love.’ We are no longer romantically involved with the state in both its public and private forms. We don’t need its brutal kisses. We don’t want its tyrannical love.”


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