We don’t do synth-indie very often, but when we do, we go for the good stuff! We previously introduced you to Leem of Earth with “The Beech Tree’s Song” last month and now we’re bringing you more with the exclusive premiere of their new music video “Southland.” The track is yet another off their debut EP Chapter One (order here). With Chapter One, Leem of Earth rely on what they love, that unmistakable ‘90s sound, part romance, grunge and indie rock. The group looks to The Innocence Mission, Radiohead, Belly and Sunny Day Real Estate as their inspiration and it’s well on display all in the three tunes that are featured on Chapter One.

The band had a lot to say regarding the song and video, stating:

“We shot the video for ‘Southland’ at this loft in an old Pensacola building that our friends were in the middle of turning into a shared space for creatives. We invited a couple of videographer friends, Jose Griego and Alex Lewis, to come shoot but forgot to ask one of them to direct (laughs). Fortunately, they worked well together and Jose ended up doing the editing. We were set up in a circle facing each other, and I loved Jose’s idea after we’d done all the basic shots.

He stood in the middle of us and was like, ‘I need to film in a circle like That 70s Show!’ It totally worked. However, Alex was on the OUTside of all of us, and he was filming in a circle, too, and running comically fast to try to stay out of the shots. I had to think about my dog dying when I was young to keep from crying laughing! We really loved the end result. Jose and I were struggling with how to roll the credits, and we ended up using the old MTV music video font. I feel like that was the perfect vibe for the song.”

If you want to hear more from Chapter One, check out the aforementioned “The Beech Tree’s Song.”


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