Alternative rock group Facing New York, who funnily enough hail from the Bay Area of California, are revving up the “Big Rev” (purchase the song here) with their new track, which we are thrilled to be premiering today! Facing New York may not be well-known to you yet, but singer and guitarist Eric Frederic may be, as he is also known as the multi-platinum, Grammy nominated producer, singer, and artist Ricky Reed. Despite his storied career in production for some of the biggest pop artists of the 21st century, Frederic has a brotherhood developed over many years with bassist Brandon Canchola and drummer Omar Cuellar. Formed in 2004, the group became a cult favorite in Northern California and independently released a few progressive alt-rock albums, while touring extensively.

As it often does, real life got in the way for a while, but the trio is back in fine form with their new album Dogtown, due for release December 14th. It features nine new tracks with the title referring to a neighborhood in West Oakland that has been experiencing massive upheaval and gentrification and where the band has spent a lot of their life. The evolution of the neighborhood acts as a metaphor for all of the changes that have gone on in the band members’ own lives over the last decade.

Without further ado, get you’re streaming pants on and hit play on ”Big Rev”!

With an exclusive comment regarding the new song, Frederic said, “‘Big Rev’ was one of the first instrumentals we made for the album dating back almost a decade. It was not going on the album because I could never quite find the song that fit the music…then my world exploded. I found out we were pregnant with twins. Obviously we were overjoyed to learn that our daughter was going to have two little buddies to hang with, but then the weight started to settle in. There was some real fear and insecurity I had to grapple with. Still grappling with. And even though my wife was already dealing with the long, long list of challenges that come with pregnancy and motherhood, SHE was the one to lift ME up. This song is a long rambling way of saying thank you to the women we love.”

Dogtown Track Listing:

01. Dogtown
02. Big Rev
03. Gods of the Good Shit
04. Hail Mary
05. Birth of Venus
06. Trouble
07. Shame
08. Heaven is High Hell is Low
09. Your Love

More music, please! Sure! Here’s the single “Dogtown”.


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